Beware, Be Aware!

There is a popular misconception that anyone with any psychic power is highly divine, spiritual or positive.
Psychic powers belong to 6th chakra or third eye. Spirituality to 7th chakra or crown.
Not all psychics are spiritually exalted.
So just because someone is precognitive, magical or powerful kindly do not touch their feet or worship them yet.
Even if they are spiritually enlightened I doubt they would want you to touch their feet.
Know that a LOT of psychics have been observed to be definitely negative, manipulative, unethical or even creepy.

Another popular misconception is to regard every witch as Wiccan, and every Wiccan as a Wiccan priest or expert healer.
Being a witch is not equal to being Wiccan.
Wiccans are nature worshippers, followers of Harm None…. the Wiccan Rede…
Some people freely call themselves Wiccan while actually being depressed, harmful or negative magicians. They do not belong to the Wiccan faith.

Secondly being a Wiccan implies adherence to Wiccan faith. Just like every Hindu is not a pundit, every Christian is not priest, every Wiccan is not an expert healer. Only initiated clergy are, and in that too there are hierarchies and skill levels. Just saying Blessed Be and Merry Meet or Harm None or Goddess Bless does not qualify.

Now coming to the general topic of psychics and magical folk…you need to be aware of who you are dealing with.
The enlightenment level, the spiritual awareness, the energy of your healer, guru, teacher, guide is important here.
A lot of fortune tellers may be novices, a lot of people with psychic powers may be demonic or satanic or in other ways negative magicians for all you know. Do your research well before submitting your problems to their counsel. Do not be hypnotised, fooled, misled or pushed to the dark side just because someone bedazzles you with cryptic messages or clever tricks.

Occult power has nothing to do with spiritual energy.

Seek the counsel and company of those with true wisdom and genuine spiritual awareness.

And this often means being aware yourself. Learn the ways of the wise.

Be Aware.

Blessed be
Swati Prakash

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  1. you are absolutely right mam…how could  i find a guru and how could i know whether he is good on the sides of life and everything…i students can know to get a good mentor ..\ thanking you by daniel

  2. Thank you
    Good read
    I would like to meet you Ma’am?  Is it possible?
    Warm regards,

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