Spells that Work and Spells that Don’t

A lot of spellbooks in the market…full of magical recipes and enchantments…
Do they all work?
Can you really turn your ex-boyfriend into a toad as indicated by the cover of that one?
Can you summon any man or woman of your choice to do as you say?

Silly, silly spellbooks for wannabe witches seldom help.

Look, if you want to cast real spells, you should be a real witch.
I don’t mean a witch like one out of a cartoon with flying broomsticks and a black cat on board.
I don’t mean a witch who makes objects float or fly with her eyes or freezes the people around with one gesture, or vanquishes demons all the time…but cannot really sort out their own life out of fear of personal gain.
I don’t mean a witch who twiddles her nose and makes objects dissapear or appear out of thin air.
Honestly since when did witches start being portrayed as some kind of fictitious mythical female superheroes with superpowers galore?

I mean a REAL witch, not one out of movies or telly.
One who has meditated and discovered inner peace.
One who can sense, feel and know things through intuition.
One who makes intentions and casts spells successfully for positive changes in life.
A real wise witty wizardy witch.

Now if you are a real witch and know how to write…yes write, not read from others’ Books of Shadows…..real spells, then your spells might have a chance of working.

Swati Prakash
@witchyswati on twitter

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