When the moon drifts high and the sun is low
We go to a place that we all know
A place where hidden things we keep
The mystery world we all call sleep
Where dreams, hope and inspiration
Shine like stars in a constellation
Where we conquer all of our nightmares
To banish every doubt and fear
Here our faith is put to test
So that we may learn to rest
To release all of the stress and strain
From every corner of our brain
The goddess here is dressed in dark
To help discover, note and mark
The point in time, that period
Of the monthly flow of fertile blood
With the help of Luna, queen of night
Let us embrace our feminine side
To make more sense of your confusion
She gives you gifts of true intuition
With open arms we can embrace
Her beauty, softness, calm and grace
Man or woman, girl or boy
A journey there we can enjoy
To a world of secrets yet untold
You hide them here when young and old
She keeps them safe till you return
Waiting for your lessons learnt
So that you may let go, forgive
Let sadness die and learn to live
And then she’ll open your inner eye
To show the truth beyond all lies
Its very real unlike it seems
The world inside, the world of dreams
You can never be complete
Until your inner world you meet
Stop repressing and bring to light
All the darkness there inside
Go on reveal the naked truth
Lift your veil, your mask, your hood
You have the courage to transform
Those things you felt were somewhat wrong
Begin the magick and make a change
You can take a whole new range
One that gives you peace and health
Strength, respect, love, joy and wealth
Just remember all you seem
Is like a dream, within a dream
So when you travel deep within
Do not be proud of what you win
Just try to lose your ego great
And truly master your own fate
You control your destiny
So relax and let it be
There is no need to shout and fight
Its only you, noone else inside
Let go of struggle, be at ease
There is noone else to please
Just be yourself and close your eyes
Then you will dream of something nice
When you can dream as per your will
Or let your mind be clean and still
Then you truly have arrived
At destination happy life

Swati Prakash

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  1. Swati .your just the best and I promise I. Will have faith in myself I truly belive in religion thnk you alot

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