The battle of good vs evil

What is good and what is evil?
Is it necessary for evil to be there in order to maintain cosmic balance?
In the battle of good and evil who wins?
Will the world cease to exist if this battle is over?
Let me throw some light on these questions.

Good is when all our karma is positive, helpful, useful.
Evil is harmful karma. It harms the doer.
Yes evil karma appears to harm others while infact the doer is harmed.
By karma we mean actions, thoughts, emotional energy and desires or will power.

In truth there is Oneness. Good and evil are duality.
Good and evil are born out of ignorance.
In a highly aware, enlightened world there is only goodness.
Ignorance made people forget their true One nature. It created illusion.
Ignorance lead people to harm.
In awareness we harm none.

Cosmic balance does not require ignorance or evil of any kind.
The world is held in perfect balance by nature.
Evil is unnatural and unbalancing in every way. Evil karma is against nature, against our true nature.
When we are aware of our oneness, we realise it is not in our nature to harm anyone. We know that whatever we are doing to others is simultaneously happening to us in a very real and deep way as per the law of nature or karma. We recognise our self in others. This awareness leads to balance, inner balance which gives peace and this is born of love.
Evil only had the effect of disturbing this beautiful peace and order in nature.

The battle of good and evil is the quest of light or awareness to transform the dark ignorant energy to something better.

We all may have heard that in the battle of good and evil, good always wins. This is true.

This itself implies that as per the law of nature, positive energy will ultimately outweigh negative energy and the world will come into a state of peace, balance, harmony and equilibrium which is a good thing. This peace also brings abundance, health, joy, kindness and all good things with it.

This is the dawn of satayuga or age of light.
In this world everyone is peaceful, balanced, harmonius, harms none and karma is positive.
Due to this reason we have magick in this world.

Magick is less or absent in a negative, evil or kalyuga world. Magick comes from nature and is meant to create positive energy.
Imagine if magick was present abundantly in evil worlds, people would use psychic power to harm, manipulate and indulge in wasteful actions. That is why the world had less magick so far.
This is why we did not see witches fly on brooms or people levitating on every corner of the road. This is why telepathy and psychic powers were relatively uncommon till now. And thats why spells did not work for many. As we become more deserving our magickal powers start shining better in this world. We will do amazing and fun things with magick, not just vanquish evil.

Lets enjoy shifting the energy of earth to a more balanced, peaceful, positive and magickal world. This need not take millions of years. When you work with light time flies faster than ever. Let there be light right now.
Be magickal. Start with being good.

Blessed be
Swati Prakash

2 thoughts on “The battle of good vs evil

  1. Ma’am you have mentioned in your above blog that this is the dawn of Satyuga. I want to know is it possible to calculate the duration of yug? Or is it mentioned in any religious scripture?
    When will Kalyuga get over and styuga start?
    Please throw some loght on this please.

    1. I suggest not to follow any scriptures or limited beliefs. Yuga transition time depends very simply on the time taken by us as a specie to ascend, it depends only on our group effort to raise awareness. These days its faster due to instant communication and the world is easier to unite than before…we can progress in leaps and bounds. What the texts mention as thousands or millions of years can be reduced drastically as at the time their philosophers wrote, things were quite slow. Time is relative…thank einstein for that truth.

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