Every Word is a Spell

Every thing you think or dream
Can affect your life unseen
Every person that you meet
Every stranger that you greet
Every one who you connect
You can bless, help and protect
Every breath you take and leave
Sends vibrations far and deep
Every feeling that you feel
Can cause the universe to heal
Every step you take ahead
Paves a way for others to be led
So walk in magic, be the path
Give yourself both head and heart
If you want the world to perfect be
Believe and make reality
Say and hear the words divine
From your soul and from your mind
Only goodness give and tell
Every word you speak is a spell

Swati Prakash

2 thoughts on “Every Word is a Spell

  1. Dear Swati, thanks for those words – they are so positive-pure-divine. They transfix you in a way they moisten your eyes with hope and desire to do positive hoping that some force will stop you from negative thoughts- visions-deeds lift you from terra firma that grounds you in reactive feelings and curses so destructive. Thanks so much I ave been consumed – with two contrasting feelings – one so divine – pure – giving and caring the other so monstrously demonic – in reaction to the hurt inflicted by so many so far – the troubles caused and the damages done to me and my children so many questions regarding my own agony and loneliness and betrayals and the lot of those who apparently have been so negative and yet have gained – love, respect, material gains, full of confidence, impudence, arrogance. Not that i want to be them But that my craving for love – care – concern – recognition – have been denied so far – it has always been a fight for the smallest of things – which are my entitlements!

    1. Whatever hurt happened was past energy. Let not that energy be carried in heart because whatever is within happens outside too…as you get over it energy will shift and good will replace the unwanted.

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