The Signs of Success

What is Success?

Wealth cannot be the full measure of success, for I have seen people wealthy but unhappy
Fame cannot be the denominator of success, for I have seen famous people suffer
Family cannot be the sign of success, for I have heard mothers complain of boredom
Friends cannot indicate success, for I have seen popular people empty inside once the party is over
Beauty could not mean success, for I have seen glamorous ones shed tears

Success in what?
Your goals once attained indicate your success…yes…but which goals indicate life success?

You will see that the people you call successful may not be bursting with joy just because they have money or fame or family or friends or looks..

Yes success can mean different things to different people and at different points of time…but that is the temporal and relative meaning of success.

The word Success to which I am referring to is the universal one.
It completes you.
Its not focused on having one thing or another.

Instead it is focused on being:


To be successful is to have greatness within.

To be someone you love.
That is the sign of true success

So do you love yourself?
In other words….are you successful?

Blessed be

Swati Prakash

4 thoughts on “The Signs of Success

  1. Dear Madam,

    I am in awe of all your newsletters but the present one is a real eye opener and shakes us up vigorously enough to awaken us from the deepest slumber of so many births. Hats off to you for propounding a simple truth long forgotten due to the many layers of impurities over our souls.

    GOD BLESS !!!

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