A spell for your every resolution for a Happy New Year

Some people make empty resolutions for the New Year.
Some cast spells and achieve them all…

Here is how to get what you want in this new year.

Resolution 1: Get the perfect body (top of the list for most of you I’m sure)
Spell: Breathe in, imagine yourself looking fabulous, fit, healthy, see it clearly in your mind…breathe out and then say the affirmation, “i have the most perfect body now”. Repeat until it feels good all over.
This spell is better when you light a white male or female figure candle to match your gender for a few minutes daily as you bathe with rock salt or sea salt and perform this affirmation and visualisation. See the difference for yourself. Feel good about your new beautiful body.
Its best if you start collecting a few clothes of the size you wish to achieve. It will push you to getting there. Soon you will fit into them.
Most importantly stop saying negative things abut your body. Believe it is now transforming for the better..it always works. Somehow your lifestyle will adjust to your belief and help you get the perfect body. Remember you are a soul in a body. Your body is your creation.

Resolution 2: Get on top of your career (always important)
Spell: Stand straight, breathe in, stretch your body with your arms up towards the sky. Imagine this lovely blue light coming from the universe filling you up and say, “I am on top of my career now, I am doing what I love and doing it well, I am successful and content, I deserve, accept and create this. So be it.” Feel your body absorbing the light in every cell. Then relax and get back to daily life (happily).
This spell works better if you carry a turqoise stone with you for 21 days or more while you perform this affirmation and visualisation everyday. Enjoy working. Love it.

Resolution 3: Make more money (who would mind that)
Spell: Take three real coins of any denomination and place them between your palms. Feel them getting warm and energised as you say to them, “Multiply wealth now for me and everyone around, may everyone prosper including me”. Now toss the coins in any place of nature not knowing where they may go, knowing that wealth will come to you as well. This spell helps you spread abundance as you feel the free flow of money into your life by releasing your fears regarding money.
This spell works better if you wear or carry a money charm or talisman of your choice. Do not worry about money. Give and receive freely. Money is your tool.

Resolution 4: Happily ever after (relationship of your dreams)
Spell: Light a pink candle. Take a new and beautiful rose quartz stone and feel the light of the candle filling it up for a few minutes. Then kiss the stone and say, “Thank you. My romantic life is as lovely and as joyful as can be, forever and ever.” Keep the stone beneath your pillow each night and carry or wear it during day and keep interacting with the stone as suggested above. Watch happy romantic movies. Read fairy tales. Believe them to be true for you, no matter what people say. Love is real.

Resolution 5: Be in a place of your choice (travel or relocate)
Take your passport and place a copy of the tarot card “The World” in it. Then take a picture of the place of your choice and as you gaze into it…see yourself in it….living, enjoying, travelling. Have fun. You might even dream of this at night. You will be there soon. Trust. The world is your playground.

These spells are written for you and you can pass on this link to share with others.
Remember whatever you think, say, feel, want or behave as…is likely to be part of your life.

If you are unhappy, angry, frustrated, upset about something…you will get more of that.
If you are happy, grateful, positive about something…you will receive more of that.

Thats what spells are all about..feeling, thinking, saying, doing, manifesting and loving positive things.

Have a witchy new year. Happy 2014!

Rev. Swati Prakash

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