Who created the world?

Last week a group of ladies on the streets handed me some free publications and i was completely sure they were promoting the Bible.
I am amazed and impressed at how the texts were so much about nature and science, as if explaining to the modern reader how the Bible is not against science at all.

The books marvelled at nature, diversity, evolution, earth and how it functions so beautifully. According to them such marvels cannot come to be in nature all by chance. There has to be God behind it all.

So today on Christmas eve I ask you who is this God?

Are you satisfied in your curiosity about how nature is so wonderfully designed by the theory that ‘God made everything’?

Did you have any curiosity in the first place?

Is Christmas or Diwali or Eid or any other festival just an occassion to make merry, or do you ever think about God and the universe on these days?

Are you just wishing each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just because everyone around is doing the same?

Are you even Happy in the true sense?
Or are you just like one of those who are ever engrossed in the process of existence, so thickly, so tightly engrossed in your material existence, ever to think..who created the world?

Is ‘who created the world’ a question you asked as a child and then you were told..God created the world..and you said ‘GOD who?’…and noone really had any idea..so they handed you these religious books like the Bible and Gitas of the world for answers you were never going to get from them (if you ever succeeded in interpreting them in the first place)?

By the time you grew up you were just too busy earning a living or bringing up babies to actually be like that child again who wanted the truth.
And then one day your child asked you, or will ask you this question..,Who is the creator?
And you wouldn’t know what to say and will hand the child the same old books and they will grow up just as confused, just as unaware, just as busy solving the problem of staying alive..to ever ask this question again.

Today as you join the festivities around I want you to ask this question to yourself..once again. And I hope it will be a spiritual rebirth for your inner child. A chance to know the truth and to know thyself. That will be a real cause of celebration.

Then maybe you will fall in love with life again.
Maybe the sorrows of the world will end.
There will be green forests, happy animals, clean air and water on earth.
We will no longer look for someone superior than nature to take the credit of creation away.
Nature creates, it has consciousness, we visualise nature as the goddess who connects to us all. Not a virgin, but a full and complete goddess..fertile and beautiful in every way, powerful beyond compare.

Science tries to understand nature. Religions have tried to close down the scientific mind inside our inner child. Now religions are threatened by science…trying to prove they were not wrong. After all these centuries of creating darkness on earth.

Lets no longer fool ourselves anymore. There is only truth to be found inside us. Let there be light..

The new sun is born again this solstice of winter, it used to be called Yule, it represented the birth of God the Consciousness from the womb of mother nature as sun regained power after the darkest night of the solar year.

Blessed Yule friends..to those of us who still celebrate nature.

And may nature inspire us all to stay in wonder, to stay in love, to marvel at the mother nature who is created by the Self, of whom God the Consciousness is a part.
Lets awaken this God within, who loves nature and protects her everyday. And lets not think of this God as someone outside nature.

Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

5 thoughts on “Who created the world?

  1. “lets not think of this God as someone outside nature.” you have said all in this single line….marvellous….

  2. โ€œlets not think of this God as someone outside nature.โ€ you have said all in this in a single lineโ€ฆ.marvellousโ€ฆ.

  3. Swati, wish you and your family a great 2014 – healthy, peacefull, ful;filling ina ll ways. geetha

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