How to create improvement in any situation

I will keep this post really simple.

The world is composed entirely of energy vibrations.

As and when you wish to improve something…health, wealth, family, earth..anything you relate to…you can send an energy vibration to that situation and begin the healing.

Your healing energy vibration can be one or more of the following:
1. A clear positive thought and imagination, eg when you feel ill, say “i am healthy” and imagine you are up and running
2. A good feeling generated deep inside…happiness, peace, love..just feel it and heal it
3. A desire or intention…feel excited about the change you are creating and love it with heart and soul
4. An object you can carry, keep, arrange around you that signifies the change you a stone, crystal, jewellery, image, burning a candle or incense that signifies the healing will be of immense help

The more you meditate, the more easily you will be able to effect the healing in any situation. This is because meditation stills your mind and reduces conflicting vibrations by replacing them with peace. It helps you connect with your inner self which is the creater, experiencer and observer of your life thereby putting you in a position of power.

Common folk never knew about meditation and energy vibration until now. Its only witches and wizards of ancient times that had this knowlede and power. Now you have a chance to enhance your knowledge and power…and thereby life itself.

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Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

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  1. i m a philosopher by proffession,so heard many times this type of words BUT those same words you utter/write carrys higher vibrations i feel…realy grateful connected with such energy…thnx

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