Your Aura and You

The truth is that we all are composed of nothing but energy vibrations. Our energy waves flow through our channels, circuits and concentrate in our chakras or energy centres, both major and minor. How we look, feel, behave, what we achieve, our health, wealth and relationships, basically all things in our life depend on our energy vibrations.

Do our energy waves change with time?
Most definitely yes. Some of us change faster than others. Witches and wizards can shift their aura at will such as while shapeshifting.
Others who perform very less spiritual healing will have more static auras. Similarly witches and wizards can shift their life situations more easily than those who perform less inner work.

What do auras look like?
Auras being energy waves need not be visible to the naked eye. Some people sense auras as light and colour visible with practice around people, animals, plants and objects. An aura scanning device can help in this by collecting biofeedback through touch. Some of us can sense aura energy through our palms or pendulum dowsers. Our tarot and oracles can be quite revealing too. How you feel around someone when you are in a neutral state can help you understand their auras. Psychic energy is required for aura reading, so do get trained even if you are a ‘natural’.

Here are some pointers:

If you are depressed or unhappy your aura might shrink and become very dull and people may not feel your presence or withdraw from you if you start vaccuming them. Basically take care of the energy you are radiating as it can affect others and heal yourself professionally.

If you are angry, frustrated and destructive your aura could be dark or muddy and this blocks your spiritual progress.

If you are attacked by someone your aura might have tears and holes from which energy might leak. Traumas may damage auras too.

A healthy aura seems bright, radiant and has a positive effect on the surroundings.

If you are more or less materialistic, practical, focused on day to day life and survival your aura will be mostly red. You are less likely to be concerned about others or creative activities. You are then fully grounded in base reality, highly involved with the physical world.

Orange personalities have more focus on enjoyment of existence. They take pleasure in food, sex and adventure, beauty and entertainment. They can be artistic and at times self loving, seeking personal joy above all else.

Those with yellow auras are bright, intelligent and happy. They enjoy power and status. They are likely to be entrepreneurial. Full of confidence and charisma they can lead and win. Their world does seem to revolve around themselves. Recognition and fame is important to them.

Green auras indicate affectionate and charitable individuals who consider relationships paramount and often live for others. Love is as important as oxygen to them. They are people friendly and inclusive in approach.

If you love talking and expressing yourself then blue is your colour. blue personalities enjoy telling the world what they know. They are clever and good with words. Writers, bloggers, speakers are often made of this.

Indigo people are those who have mind power and psychic skills. Seeing the unseen and knowing the unknown is their forte. The mystical path appeals to them. They are sensitive, intuitive and otherworldly at times. Their third eye is open and this helps them understand facts directly without doubts.

Violet is the colour of spiritual healers and wise witches. They focus on the meaning and purpose of life and everything. They have faith in the higher self and they experience the higher divine self through meditation. They know that the visible physical world is created out of vibration and can be affected through this higher consciousness. They are likely to serve as guides and teachers who help others live more meaningfully.

Have these questions ever crossed your mind: “Who am I? Why am I alive? What is the truth about this universe?” I really hope so because this means your aura was ready to shift and you are ready for spiritual awakening.

To be spiritual is to let go of fears that pull you down. Raise your energy higher by healing your aura. You will feel a difference immediately. After a few sessions you will start to enjoy greater peace, bliss and awareness and this will be good for you in every way.

You are urged to come and get your aura scanned. A 3d simulation is available along with live video so you can see your chakras and the various sections of your aura 360 degrees.

Blessed be

Rev. Swati Prakash

4 thoughts on “Your Aura and You

  1. I think I haven’t had my aura looked at since I was 17. but I’ve often wondered how it’s changed in 15 years or does it change at all. thanks for the awesome reading I love your blog and your store job by our store if you get a chance wiccan store

  2. i think my aura is mix-up of blue & indigo..and having.questions ever crossing in my mind: “Who am I? Why am I alive? since 1 years…loosing interest in daily life work..why this kind of symtoms.

    1. Spiritual search can sometimes bring spiritual melanchony in some people. This lack of interest in routine life can create depression but can be cured by meditation. You will then find a way to express your true self in day to day life.

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