Against Superstition and Black Magic. Not against Witchcraft.

Is it superstitious to believe in God or divinity?
Is it superstitious to believe that we have souls and intuition?
Is it superstitious to believe in your Will power or in other words Witch power?
Is Black magic related to Witchcraft in any way at all?

Let me disperse much of the myths and ignorance clouding people including media and activists who cry hoarse against superstition and witchcraft in the same breath. In my opinion they need to know the meaning of these two terms first.

Superstition: belief without understanding. Also disbelief without understanding eg believing that there is no spirit or magick also amounts to superstition

Witchcraft: The science of spiritual healing through a rational understanding of energy, inner self and nature.

Media has responsibility. You must be careful to quote only the right sources in any article. If you chose to quote someone please first check if the person has the expertise level to comment on the subject. In your eagerness to fill one article with as many names as you can and especially in your eagerness to cover the other ‘balancing’ opinion or in other words ‘negative’ angles you only put the world in greater ignorance. Negative is not for balance…it throws you off balance. Read my post on The Meaning of Positive for that part.

When so called ‘ rationalists’ start opposing withcraft, intuition, healing and club these all under the term superstition or black magic…I laugh at where they goof this ignorance from…
Should they not be studying at least a little bit about what they shout and cry about first?
Are they qualified?
Are they even rational?
In my observation people with rigid mental blocks sometimes don the title of ‘rationalists’ …how will they learn leave alone teach the world unless they look within.

To believe in God or Divinity is not superstitious. To believe in mythical versions of God or divinity being historical facts could be superstitious.

The only version of God or divinity that we know for a fact as true is Nature. You can sense it daily…the sun, moon, stars, sea, earth, trees, stones, rivers, fire and spirit…all are here with us everyday and everynight. We cannot deny their presence. These are the real gods and goddesses. The universe is divine. Let’s be scientific…nature is full of magick. Magick does not mean flying against gravity on a broom or turning people into mice. Its meditation and inner work. Self realisation is another name for magickal awareness. It means not being fatalistic but being incharge of your destiny. You have the power to heal.

Witchcraft/ Wizardry coming from the words Wit/ Wisdom respectively has NOTHING to do with the notorius sorcery called black magic. Black magic is by nature harmful or negative. Witchcraft is in contrast a scientific way of healing and helping people. Its the science of energy and vibrations which compose this universe. We like to bring ourselves in alignment with the natural flow of the universe.

Wicca is different from witchraft in being a scientific religion or shared belief system by itself while witchcaft is the science of spiritual healing.

Its those black magicians who believe in harming others who misguide others. Stop giving them the respectful title of witches.

Its those astrologers or seers who tell people that their destiny is ominously controlled by outside for forces who are superstitious. They need to get a Wiccan degree.

Its those ordinary folk or laymen who immerse ganpati idols with no idea of why this ritual came into being who are superstitious. Bursting crackers at diwali is superstitious. Dirtying earth in the name of holi is superstitious. Chopping trees for Xmas is superstitious. These are nature festivals. You cannot harm nature to celebrate nature. Sacrificing goats in torturous ways just because someone said you should is superstitious. Believing that god created the world in seven days or that a living person called Jesus was the only divine child of god could be termed superstitious. Divine is not self limiting. Rituals should not be based on blind faith but scientific understanding of symbolism. Ritual should not be harmful to others or nature. You should not claim god to be a force who controls us from outside. Do not block women from being religious or spiritual leaders and prophets. Stop burning or condemning women who are healers or prophets.

Its mainstream religions who have been much much more superstitious or harmful so far…

There can be nothing more scientific, helpful or rational than witchcraft, magick and intuition.
Meditate, learn from the right sources. Be incharge of your mind and your thoughts.
Let there be light. Be a witch or wiz…..its the best you can be. This is a fact.

Blessed be!
Rev. Swati Prakash

2 thoughts on “Against Superstition and Black Magic. Not against Witchcraft.

  1. Dear Swati, thanks for that note. If I would like to get into this wicca meditation – to get more intuitive and safeguard self and family etc., how can it be done. How much time would it consume on a regular basis (daily) and what would be he cost of initiation. For instance I feel that for over 20 years I have been followed – stocked – and impeded whenever possible in professional and personal life – there are too many things happening too frequently to be simply calledco-incidental. I would like to get pro-active to help myself and cannot accept defeat and cheating. My capacity to do research had declined drastically since 2000. There is great potential but this has seriously dwindled – and I am concerned, because the ministry of external affairs and govt. of India have set up such institutions for research on areas important to them for analysis and submission. But we are all taking the salaries without contributing to the purpose we have been recruited for. I can atleast do my own research and make my contributions. But my ability to concentrate has hit rock bottom with very low concentration levels. I need to improve urgently and work for the last four years of my career. PLEASE ADVISE AND HELP ME. With most sincere regards and best wishes geetha


  2. Splendid ur thoughts are!!!! Beautiful u wrote!!! I totally agree what u have quoted!!!! God Bless u!!!!

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