What is the meaning of love?
Can there be different kinds of love?
How do you tell if its indeed love?
Is the path of love difficult or easy?
What does it really mean to ‘love yourself’

Let’s take some time to reflect upon these essential questions.

Love is definitely a kind of energy or vibration.
By its very nature love is positive energy…completely supportive of your life purpose.

To love yourself implies awareness of your life purpose and choosing only those thoughts, feelings and behaviors that help you in the fulfilment of your life purpose.

True love is when you are totally dedicated and involved in fulfilling your life purpose.
Others in your life will be supportive of your life purpose too…as they are all extensions of yourself.
The more you are aligned with your higher self the more you will find that everyone and everything is together with you in helping you achieve and experience your true destiny.
The less you are in touch with the higher self, the more confused or chaotic will your relationships become.

You will know that true love is part of your life when you flow in your lifepath with ease and relaxation, fully present in each moment…experiencing joy and fulfillment.

True love is experienced in your life as a spiritual energy that is absorbed in every aspect of your existence. Emotionally it gives joy. Mentally it gives freedom. Spiritually it liberates. Physically it gives a feeling of wellnes and health. True love radiates from your aura and magnifies your healing power.

You need not have a partner to experience true love.
Your soulmates and twin flame can enhance your experience of true love.
True love is when you feel yourself expand…everything and everyone in the universe is touched by you.

This is so different from the fear based emotional attachments to our kith and kin that we sometimes called love.
This is not quite the same as the emotionally draining pain and hurt we felt when someone hurt us and we believed it to be love.
This is nowhere similar to the excitement or romantic flush we felt when sexually drawn to another.

True love is felt for the universe and not just for your lower egoic self, partner, children, parents, pets or belongings.

When you are attuned to your expanded infinite self then you experience true love unconditionally and completely and with your realisation the universe begins to heal and become a better place.

True love will destroy all falsehood, release you from the darknes of ignorance, make you a better person by enlightening yourself and the universe. The Goddess knows herself…

Learn the truth about meditation, energy work, magick and connect with your higher self. To love yourself is to never deny that which is good for you and the universe.

Blessed be!

Rev. Swati Prakash

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. Hi Ms. Swati,
    A very good description about Love in this post.
    I am 15 year old male from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am interested in Wicca, New Age and spirituality. The problem is, I don’t know where to start. I can’t attend courses, I don’t have much material and I don’t know any Wicca around my country, I am fairly inexperienced in meditation and visualization. A short while ago, I tried a rain spell I found in internet.

    I understand that these thing don’t work as we expect but many people say faith and belief is important. I am a kind of skeptic person. I have trouble believing about Wicca completely because of flashy website about it and their claims. I would believe and walk the path of Wicca if someone helped by showing some examples like Telekinesis or working of a physical spell (is it too much or wrong to ask?)
    So can you help me in anyway?

    1. You are getting confused between Wicca and Spells/ Witchcraft – they are not the same thing. You can read all about Wicca and clarify your doubts on and download the free Wicca Guide as well. and personally I suggest you wait for the right time when you are ready for spiritual learning as it takes dedication to get anywhere on the spiritual path and if you cannot find time or energy to do any courses or to take up initiation then there is little except books and sites that can help you without a proper guide or master.

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