The Art of Giving

Is giving better than receiving?
Just when, to whom and how much..
What can you give?
Is anything ours to give in the first place?

These are a few fundamental questions I would address today.

Giving and receiving …both are about energy exchange. Fairness and balance are always good.

We are all part of one great infinite universal being. All that there is belongs to the universe. The universe being infinite has more than enough for everyone.
More than enough of everything there can possibly be.
If everyone doesn’t seem to be having everything all the time I can assure you that there is infinite time available too. Past lives…future lives…..these are countless

By the time you will get everything you will find that there will be a lot more of everything to have than there was before. This is because possibilities are endless and the universe expands evermore with time in the cycle of creation.

There is abundance of everything.
Higher your consciousness or realisation…greater your capacity to tap into the universal state of abundance.
This is the element of spirit.
To be a witch or wiz first we have to be spiritually realised.
In the spirit realm we learn how to receive and give awareness of infinity.
All gods, goddesses, saints, angels, masters and prophets are various expressions of infinity or universe. They give messages. They teach us the right beliefs.
The Spirit element teaches us spiritual wisdom. We must give and receive wisdom. Ask if you are giving and receiving wisdom or ignorance.

The Air element is the realm of thoughts. Here you will find teachers who tell you the right ways of thinking.
We must give and receive positive thoughts. New age practioners tell us all about positive thinking and how thoughts can initiate changes in life.
Ask yourself if you are giving and receiving fears or if you are giving and receiving trust.

The Fire element is more about ambitions. Will power is more dense in energy than mere thought. You learn in this realm how to energise ourselves and others. We learn how to give and receive power. To be assertive and to assert our free will is something we can all practice and preach. Are you giving and receiving power or are you giving or receiving energy of hopeless helplessness?

The Water element teaches us emotional awareness. We learn how to give and receive emotional energy in this realm. Ask yourslf if you are giving and receiving love and joy or are you giving or receiving guilt, anger or hate in relationships.

The Earth element is our gross physical reality where we learn how to give and receive material and physical resources.

At every realm infinity operates.
There is no limit of anything. Even on earth. By Earth we mean not just planet Earth but the physical realm.
There are infinite planets in the physical universe.
You can give and receive infinitely, everything with everyone.

Even though we all are totally and supremely One in the Spirits higher dimensional reality, we are many in the lower plane. In our multiplicity we interact abd exchange energy from one to another. Here Karma or the divine law of nature ensures that we receive what we give.

We need to be spiritual while being earthy.
Tap into the universe and then give.
Expand your awareness of yourself.
Give unconditionally.
This doesn’t mean everyone maybe equally ready to receive.
Universal wisdom, power, love, trust and healing always flows through true spiritual healers.
But it is received into only those beings who are open.
Children and cats for example….
And plants…crystals…
People too…those who are aware and open.

Soon you will start receiving infinite love and joy, good luck and health…
Let’s first learn the art of giving.
But this means receiving too.

Blessed be

Rev. Swati Prakash

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