The Meaning of Perfect

We usually hear about how noone is perfect.
Is perfection a myth?
Is it impossible for us to attain perfection?

Complete, whole, total, unconditional, unlimited, doubtless, absolute, infinite….Perfect in every way is totally possible.
Infact it is our deepest inner truth.

In the Wiccan Rede we have the word Perfect in a most wonderful context.
The Wiccan Rede is a beautiful guideline for those of you who wish to be introduced to Wicca as a spiritual path.

It begins by stating that we must abide by the Law in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
What Law are we talking about here?
Wicca is a nature based religion. The Law of nature or universe is the sacred law of Karma. Our actions generate results. This is true for physical actions as well as mental or emotional vibrations created by us. Intention is also karma. Vibrations sent by us return to us. We are all interconnected in this Uni-verse. We give energy, we receive energy… we are all One infinite being.

There should be no doubt about this.
Love is the Law

When we act out of Love we are aware of our true spiritual nature…of our Oneness.
We send good energy not because we are afraid of bad karma but because we love ourself.
What we are doing to ‘others’ is infact what we are doing to ourself.

We are all one divine, perfect, supreme being.
This is true.
We can be aware of our perfect self now.
We can now choose to be aware of how wonderfully perfect this universe is and how our divine self ensures this through the Laws of nature and karma.

Through perfect love and perfect trust we attain a deep peace and faith in ourself.
There is no need to feel unhappy or miserable now. With perfect love and perfect trust it is possible to achieve completion, true happiness and contentment.

Learn how to manifest your highest potential. Anything is possible with the right spells. Just harm none and do as you will. The highest power in the universe is available to us at anytime as long as we are ready to be IT…….our divine, perfect and infinite self.

Be aware…meditate. You are divine. Do not hesitate.
Make your intention. Create the vibration. Cast the right spell. All is well.

Then do not worry about the outcome. Trust. Have faith.
As long as it harms none your wish is granted by fate.

Everything is working out perfectly…just the way it should be.

Blessed be!
Rev. Swati Prakash

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  1. Rev.Swati Prakash, thanks for this positive communication. I request you to let me know whether i need ‘healing’ or to become a wiccan practitioner for self and family? I would like to seek further advice based on these at the moment. SIncere regards and best wishes geetha reddy anant

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