Blessed Yule and a new beginning for Earth!

Earth consciousness has been rising daily, including now post 20-12-2012

From my archives blog (nov 2012):

I am often asked to ‘prophecise’ something for 2012. Being a Witch and also a Weather Witch who works with nature closely and having tried my hand at weather magick successfully several times to alter natural calamities…I can assure you that if all of us visualise a positive, peaceful and harmonious earth, a happy coexistance of humankind with the rest of nature, and give energy to this vision…it will be real and 2012 will be one the most peaceful and blessed year ever. So I am making this prophecy now in the form of a spell that came to me right now in the form of poetry.
Complications are history
All I have is simplicity
There is no higher reality
Than the one in my own vicinity
Truly life is to be lived in peace
There is no need of any dis-ease
We can channel true love infinitely
To fill our world with positivity
Is there a need to seek another
When we already have each other
Let go of the illusion of multiplicity
Who we are is One – singular – unity
Let us live in harmony with nature
Just like every other earth’s creature
And shed the mask of insanity
That divides all else from humanity
Fresh air, pure waters, green trees
Is all that we need to be pleased
This is the greatest prosperity
For this moment and until eternity
I choose right NOW this possibility
As I will so Mote it Be!

Let us pray for this global shift in consciousness…or rather work the spell together that takes us back to being with our simple, natural self …as One

Do keep joining me in the Earth Healing Rituals wherever you are or at Magick store and visit the temple to support our cause.

Thank you


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  1. Dear Swati,
    It is indeed a very positive poem and one which gives you a vision of verdant nature and a sense of belonging to the whole of universe!

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