WICCA: The Most Positive and Rational Religion Today

Most of us are born into a religion of some sort.

We grow up learning the faith that our fathers and forefathers followed – sadly without being offered much of a choice. Having no choice over your faith is a dangerous thing. Faiths evolve with time. Today we are much wiser than we were yesterday. Faiths must be allowed to transform.

  • Some faiths may have so far made people believe in an image or idea of God as an outside force controlling your life. This is now changing.

  • Some faiths may have been unscientific – they opposed any latest discovery – insisted that the stories of world creation and genesis as written in their texts is the final and literal truth. They promoted blind and sometimes wildly hilarious beliefs (or in other words – superstitions) about immaculate conceptions or woman born out of a male rib. They basically disregarded nature and natural laws entirely, holding divine to be something above nature and beyond laws of nature. What could be further from the scientific truth! Today we see that science is being respected and no longer taken as enemy of faith.

  • Some faiths made people follow and worship a leader whose history can not be traced clearly and who could be just another mythical being, just a parallel to an ancient god who had a similar cycle…of birth, death, transformation like The Sun gods…yet promoted as a factual person by the faith leaders and textbook writers of that faith. They insisted the book is historical – it may not have been entirely so. People followed all over the world – what may be just another version or parallel of the natural or pagan gods of ancient folklores all over the world. We are now opening to that possibility.

  • Some faiths make you believe that sexuality is sinful and virginity is divine. No longer does the modern human need such dogma.

  • Some faiths blatantly discriminated against women – gave them no opportunity to hold religious leadership in their institutions. Their role in the religions they followed was subservient to that of the male clergy. Only a male held the highest ran. No reason why – but it was the tradition in these medieval faiths. Change is the need of the hour.

  • Some faiths were downright oppressive to women, not even having them choose what to wear. For instance an athlete who had to wear shorts was made to feel ashamed just because she is a female and has to hide or cover her body in their religion. Women still chose to follow such faiths – mentally brainwashed for centuries. This cannot go on forever. One day women are sure to come out of their self imposed chains. It could be now.

  • Some faiths may have promoted – directly or indirecly – anger and violence against those who are not part of your religion – by way of inquisitions, mass witch hunting, stripping, abuse, burning or drowning of those who refused to follow the male dominated faith. These burnt and murdered people may have done no harm, yet accused wrongly of conspiring with the devil. Ironically the devil was never even worshiped by pagans, witches or people of the old faiths. Pagans believed in personified images of nature – both the yin and the yang, dark and light, male and female depictions of nature as coexisting without any contradictions. Mass murders in the name of faith were still done and misinformation was spread widely putting witches into disrepute in the dark dark ages of untruth – Who was the real ‘devil’ here is anyone’s guess.

  • Some faiths may have preached intolerance, hate or destruction against those who are non-followers, eg , religious wars or crusades to convert people, destruction of ancient pagan temples and relics and building of churches an mosques in their place – stealing the sacred places of ancient power – especially where ley-lines or energy grids of earth converged. Placing saints and angels in place of ancient pagan gods and goddess of similar names and magical powers. Borrowing ancient nature based customs and disguising them as the festivals of their faith – trees and eggs decorated meaninglessly without any reference to ancient spirituality anymore being one of the proofs today of the hidden undercurrents of paganism oppressed but not discarded to make the medieval faith more palatable to the ancient folks who were converted to the medieval monotheistic faith.
    – IRONICALLY – these faiths were the first ones to spread malicious stories about witches being bad ugly women with warts eating children up!
    This is something that had absolutely no rational basis but was just negative fairy tale imagery being taught to children….. why? – to make them closed or blocked to their rational wisdom and the natural magickal witch/ wiz power that is within them – but sadly inactive for life. So that kids so far remained dull in their intuition and grew up to be mere followers of medieval oppressive faiths with no imagination or magickal power.

The dark ages of ignorance are hereby over.

Now it is my duty and privilege to inform you about WICCA

– A modern religion that believes that we are the creators of our destiny – through our karma (physical or mental action) we create our futures. We are magickal in every way and no outside force is controlling us (at least not without our latent approval). We have complete indisputable power over our life. We are Witches or Wizards – wise folk who know how to follow the right karma and create the right destiny as per the laws of nature and the code of ethics (harm none – for what you do comes back to you).

– A rational and scientific religion – that believes in nature – visible, observable natural phenomena (even the hidden parts of nature are valid scientific phenomena and can be energetically explained and observed in Wicca as vibrations that are sometimes not discernible to the five limited human senses but can be read by the extended sensory perceptions of E.S.P. or intuition AND by higher level science which is being developed today). Celebrating equinoxes and solstices and moon phases as cycles of nature – with symbolic references to myths and mythologies, instead of celebration based of assumed life, death and struggles of some person questionable as true history. Celebrating harvests and seasonal changes in nature. Knowing that all myths and mythologies, all gods and goddess are essentially symbolic in depicting natural cycles. That basis of all faiths is ultimately nature and its personification in the form of deities all over the world today and throughout history – this is a fact.

– Wicca is one religion in which you are not asked to blindly follow any book or sacred text or any idea of a historical or mythical person. You are not even asked to follow a past leader of Wiccan faith – without properly reasoning, questioning and understanding everything you choose to believe in.

– A faith that celebrates our bodies, our physicality, our sexuality as equally sacred as our spirit. After all through physical existence the spirit rejoices and experiences life.

– A religion where a woman can hold the HIGHEST position in the religious institutions. Have you ever seen a High Priestess in the popular medieval religions that have so far had maximum following all over the world? Perhaps not. Here in Wicca a woman is given that respect – owing to her wisdom, the way she can guide, teach, help others in their spiritual understanding and their daily lives – as an Oracle, a teacher of the mysteries, a channel. A man can be a High Priest in Wicca too. Both genders can share the highest honor and head Wiccan temples or institutions.

– A religion in which female versions of higher self or goddess forms are equally sacred as male versions of god. There are no special do’s and don’ts exclusively for women and they are allowed respect as human beings – no matter what they wear – without taboos. In Wicca a woman will be respected even naked – as a sacred goddess and not made to feel ashamed. After all no other specie in the world is ashamed of the body or regards body as just a sexual object. Those who harm, abuse, rape women are the ones who are wrong – not the woman who has as much right as a man to dress as she pleases.

– Wicca is a faith in which you are first taught to take the Wiccan Oath – follow the Rede or code of ethics – “harm none – do as ye will”. Have you ever seen such a positive and straightforward guideline of conduct preached in any other religion – possibly not. They may have an incomplete list of sorts – …Do not lie, Do not commit adultery and so on…but not the simple fact – harm none…which covers everything. Basically this is the only faith that tells you to uphold only the purest intentions – not just through physical acts but mentally also – you are taught to not wish anyone ill. This is a magickal religion that recognized that karma is also inner or mental and not just a physical one. Where else can you find this level of ETHICS except in Wiccan faith!

– The Wiccan faith is not against any other faith. We are just happy to be. Every faith has the right to exist – but everyone MUST have the right to choose their faith. Imagine people not having the right to choose what they believe – having no control over their own minds. Wicca does not and shall not promote mind-control. People must awaken and be self-realized and self-enlightened. That is why in Wicca we have meditation and spells – not just blind prayers made to some external power believed to be able to help you. We know ourselves as the universe. We are creators. We manifest ourselves – our inner power creates outer world. We believe in Magick.

We can see that right now people are all awakening, arising and opening their eyes…to the Divine Truth within themselves. And that is why the time for Wicca is NOW!

You have and deserve to have a choice of what to believe in.

If you are an enlightened master, you have found the faith that resonates with you – Wicca is yours.

As enlightenment spreads more and more people are accepting the faith of Wicca – where all paths and religions melt and fuse as one and where all universal faiths are converging today as one global, rational, honest and truly spiritual sacred system, with harm to none – SO MOTE IT BE!

Please spread this message and enlighten the world!

Rev. Swati Prakash

High Priestess and Tradition Head

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    1. Religion is a shared spiritual belief system. The basis of any religion is shared beliefs. We need to examine our beliefs and their rational validity. We can discard ignorant beliefs and open our minds to truth and facts.

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