Celebrate Nature and Heal Earth All Year, Every Year with Magick

We all have the power to create positive energy vibrations and heal self and others through our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and intentions (and not just through outer actions). This is the basic essence of Magick or spirituality.

Wicca is a modern religion that celebrates nature and propagates only positive spiritual/ magickal work that Harms None. It is the most positive and magickal spiritual system spreading over earth today.

An Earth Healing Ritual is a magickal or sacred ceremony conducted by Earth Healing Temple to give healing to earth and all its creatures – conducted each year several times by the Earth Healing Tempe of Global Wicca (headquartered currently at Magick store, 16th road Mumbai 2265250328 fm 1130am-830pm).

The rituals are conducted especially during the following Wiccan festivals or Faerie festivals of nature. In-fact you may be wonderfully surprised at how every mythical festival in various popular religions is based on the following basic logic of nature because it is the very base of every religion:

Earth Healing Ritual Dates and Nature/ Faerie Festivals in Brief:

21 June – Midsummer or Litha – Summer Solstice (Peak of summer and longest day- outer work such as tree or herb plantations)

1 Aug – Lugnasadh or Lammas (First Harvest – time for blessing of first fruits and reaping what was sown)

21 Sep – Mabon – Autumn equinox (Second Harvest – when night equals day, time for thanksgiving and blessing of grains)

31 Oct – Samhain (Final Harvest – end of summer and preparation of inner spirit work on Hallows eve)

21 Dec – Yule – Winter Solstice (Peak of winter – dressing of trees to keep their spirits warm, celebrating death of old winter god and birth of young summer god)

1 Feb – Imbolc or Candlemas (Recession of winter – lighting of candles for healing and blessing of earth)

21 Mar – Ostara – Spring Equinox (When night equals day, Celebrate fertility returning to earth with colors, rabbits and eggs as symbol of fertility)

1 May – Beltane – Summers Start (Lighting of sacred fires to celebrate light and joy by dancing around maypole or trees)

As per the above dates and festival descriptions, you can by yourself or in a team, outdoors in summers and indoors in winters, join the Earth Healing Temple ‘astrally’ (through the power of your inner focus) and be a part of the ritual by following the steps below.

Step 1: Ground yourself – let all unwanted or excess energies go to earth for recycling by feeling them leave your body through your feet

Step 2: Shield yourself – Visualise a protective circle of white-blue light all around you and other participants if any to cover the ritual area.

Step 3: Ask the Good Faeries (nature’s spirits who help heal the earth) to join you and state your intention for earth healing and say a positive affirmation for blessing of earth as follows-
“With the power of the Good Faeries and all the people connected with the Earth Healing Temple, Earth is now blessed with positive energy. People are all working together for earth’s betterment. All of nature is blessed. All creatures of nature are happy and protected. Earth is green, beautiful and healthy. We are infinitely in a state of divine and perfect balance with nature. So Be It!”

Step 4: Visualize a radiant green light filling earth, being absorbed in every particle of every creature or thing. At this point of time the energy created by the Earth Healing Temple’s ritual will be channeled into your sacred space for healing and blessing your personal ritual as well as all your trees (in case of plantation in midsummer month) or all your crystals, candles and herbs in case of other months such as Candlemas or Samhain . Feel the green light and its soothing effects for 5 to 10 minutes or more as required.

Step 5: Thank the earth for everything earth has provided you always and state your intention to keep working towards earth healing. If any guidance comes from earth to you – such as a message from the universe on how you can help further, please make a note of it.

Step 6: Perform the work suitable for the season around the appropriate days, even if the days are not exact:

21 June – Plant blessed saplings. Just take some saplings and after they are energized with the above ritual, plant them in the right place where they can thrive and water them, ensuring they are guarded and maintained in future.

1 Aug – Bless fruits of your choice with the above ritual, and offer some of them to trees in your area as a symbol of thanks and energy exchange in return of what the trees give us

21 Sep – Bless food grains, corn or loaf of bread with the above ritual and offer some of them to trees in your area as a symbol of thanks and energy exchange in return of what the trees give you

31 Oct – Bless some natural crystals of earth and sow the blessed crystals into earth or immersing them in the waterbeds or oceans to heal earth

21 Dec – Decorate trees in your area, celebrate around the tree and hug trees to exchange warm loving energy between yourself and the chosen trees

1 Feb – Light sacred candles to heal and bless earth and to exchange positive energy with earth

21 Mar – Paint eggs and sow into earth with symbols and designs to convey your love to earth as a symbol of earth’s fertility returning. Also sprinkle flower petals or natural powders on trees and people (ask first) as a symbol of blessing of earth

1 May – Light a small sacred fire and dance around a tree in your area or offer your own prayer of choice to the tree leaving red and white ribbons tied on the tree trunk for earth healing

Step 7: Ground again and once again shield yourself before leaving the ritual space. If you are doing the above work in multiple areas and at multiple times, ground and shield before each ritual’s start and after each ritual’s end.

If you like our cause join us. You can also take the Wiccan Oath and be part of the Global Wicca Tradition.

Blessed Be and Thank You for Joining the Earth Healing Temple of Global Wicca Tradition!

Rev. Swati Prakash
Tradition Head and High Priestess

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  1. Thank you swati for sharing this wonderful information..surely it is going to help lots of people…Last year have participate in “Earth Healing” and had fantastic experince..this time too will heal our mother earth…And would definately share my experince with you 🙂

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