MERRY YULE!! The True Ancient and Magickal Symbolism behind Christmas

Christmas Trees, Holly and Mistletoe, Santa….Everyone celebrates Christmas with these, but few realise the true and ancient significance behind their celebrations.

Ever wondered why this season is so Magickal and why wishes are fulfilled now more than ever?

At Global Wicca Tradition we are celebrating this season as YULE.

Yule is the Winter Solstice (peak of winter), when night is longest and day shortest. Celebrated in end of December each year it represents the symbolic death and re-birth of Sun (as days will grow longer again soon after).

Wicca is a modern religion based on pagan (ancient) nature worship. Wiccan magick is based on the invocation of ancient nature powers (gods and goddesses) that form the basis of all modern religious beliefs.

Tree worship by decorating evergreens is also part of ancient pagan ritual kept alive in the modern world. Evergreens – Fir, Holly and Mistletoe all are symbols of eternal life. This is the real reason why you decorate a Christmas Tree and use these symbols.

Its time people understood the true symbolism and significance of Yule as it helps us return to nature and eco-friendly life.

The Old God of Winter (symbolised by an old bearded man) dies and is born as young again. He brings joyful tidings of Yule to one and all and is the Wiccan or ancient equivalent of both Santa (old god) and Christ (newborn sun).

While God represents the Yang (masculine) external or visible aspect of divinity the Goddess is the Yin (feminine) inner hidden aspect of Divine – she is the Divine Energy (Shakti) one who gives birth to God or consciousness (Shiva). All mythology… of Vishnu, Osiris, Christ, whether Greek, Egyptian, Hindu or of any religion….all has roots in this ancent pagan and scientific Truth – that energy and consciousness (also called goddess and god) are the creators of the universe.

Yule represents the return of light in darkness or the rebirth of consciousness. As we approach 2012 we are approaching a moment of great spiritual awakening in the world which is the theme of this year’s Yule celebration.

As Yule stands for re-activation of consciousness, it is also a time for wish fulfillment and magick spells (spells are scientific – energy based formulae to activate our inner god and goddess power to manifest our highest good). Your consciousness when awakened will help you learn how to work with Energy – the vibrations that compose every atom and subatomic particle – the vibrations that constantly create the illusion of solid or material life. You and your entire life and world is all composed of vibrations….and you can craft yourself and your whole world by altering vibrational patterns…this is the science called Witchcraft. Just Know Thyself!

At Magick, country’s first and foremost Wiccan store and temple, we are celebrating Yule as a tribute to 2011 to welcome 2012, a most magickal year. As we lit the Yule log fires this year in our celebrations at the Earth Healing Temple at Magick, Bandra West on 22 Dec, we bid welcome to the rising of the inner witch or wiz (wise one) in everyone.
What You can Do in Yule:

  1. Worship a living tree (especially fir and evergreen) by decorating it (to give warmth to the spirits of the tree). Light a candle near the tree and make a wish for earth healing. Visualise a clean, natural, healthy and happy planet.

  2. Perform spells (spells are higher vibrational or focused prayers): try a spellkit for a planet, a zodiac or a Wiccan or Tarot spellkit at Magick which ready to use with all ingredients and instructions

  3. Work with magickal herbs such as mistletoe, sage and many more herbs available at Magick with instructions

  4. Redecorate your home or workspace with crystals and artefacts energised for your 2012 intentions (a wonderful range at Magick all blessed and energised by the High Priesstess)

  5. Create a new Book of Shadows and Diary for 2012. Choose from Witches Almanacs and Datebooks for 2012 at Magick
    Yule Specials at Magick, Sai Pooja, 16th road Bandra west, Mumbai 400050 include:-

    -2012 Witches Spell a Day Almanac

  • Fabulous Witches Datebook 2012

  • Faerie Wall Calender

  • War water, goofers dust,black destroyer, mystic skull, coffin nails, graveyard dirt, coffin charm for your protection from enemies

  • Pot of gold, money magnets, lucky pentacles, money spell pendants, Haiitian gamblers oil, million dollar oil, money growing root of life oil, for wealth creation – Marriage oils, Lovers candles, lovers bean, swallows heart, attraction oil, love magick spells for relationship success

  • All new gorgeous broomsticks, classy athames, new powerful wands, beautiful quills, parchment paper, dragons blood ink and new book of shadows for practitioners and learners

  • New Books on spells, faieries, rituals and Wicca plus Dvds for your education.

  • Spellkits – Love, Success, Healing, Fame, Prosperity, Luck, Protection. Transformation, Slimming, Beauty, Friendship, Peace…there is a spell for everything at Magick, just take a ready to use kits for beginners from Magick and start casting spells now.

If you need lessons just enrol for our courses in Divination, Tarot, Healing, Spells, Wicca, Potions, Shamanism, Faeries, Psychic Defense and many many more….

Magick 02265250328 at 16th road, Sai Pooja Building, Near Mini Punajab Restaurant, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050 (visit fm 1130 am to 830 pm).

Blessings for a Very Merry Yule!

Rev. Swati Prakash (High Priestess – Earth Healing Temple of Global Wicca)

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