11.11.11 Earth Healing Ritual by Global Wicca Tradition

On the powerful date of 11.11.11 join us for an Earth Healing Ritual to create a ‘Gateway to Avalon’ (a place from where we interact with faery and nature spirits to help earth and all its creatures).

Date: 11 Nov 2011 (Friday)

Time: 7pm

Place: Gateway of India (Gate 2)

We will sail into the Arabian Sea and conduct a full Wiccan ritual to heal Earth and raise consciousness for over one hour. Please invite friends and all those who may be interested.

No charges to attend this event but your dedication to Earth Healing is necessary.

This is an initiative of the Global Wicca Tradition, a spiritual organisation founded by Rev. Swati Prakash (High Priestess) celebrating its third aniversary now. Our temple is called the Earth Healing Temple and is freely available for all. Your patronage at Magick (India’s first and foremost magickal and Wiccan store providing spiritual remedies and solutions such as gems, crystals, amulets and spells) helps the temple in its running. All purchases made at Magick contribute to the operation of the temple and its Earth Healing Activities. Rs 100 from each purchase will be donated towards the Earth Healing crystals to be planted into the sea. Visit our store for information.

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