Need a Cure for Corruption? Here is mine…

What is India talking about today, at breakfast, lunch and dinner, on social media and at office, day and night – Corruption and the fight against it…

Its great that we are being more aware of this illness called corruption.

We have also seen many talks and debates on the Lokpal bill that is supposed to enhance goverment accountability to citizens. Anna Hazare is the hero of the movement to put this bill in force.

Now I am a witch, yes I am indeed. And my ways and methods to tackele corruption are a bit different and should I say WITCHY!!

Let us visualise Corruption as a demon that has possessed India for ages upto now.

Give it a name, a form, a colour, eg: BLACK demon called Baddie.

Now light a candle of the chosen colour after carving the name of the demon in this candle.

So let us assume you now have this black devil candle with the name Baddie carved on it.

You now want to banish this demon of corruption

Light the candle and reflect on what all this symbolises…

What all has this demon made us do? Write it down on a blank paper with black ink (preferably parchment paper with black quill adn bat’s blood ink)

for example:

  • Elections being rigged
  • Cricket matches fixed
  • Illegal swiss bank accounts
  • Goverment officials being unanswerable
  • Politicians ruling the citizens instead of serving them
  • Government offices being badly kept, lack of online, telephonic help, no call centres, no service attitude
  • HIgh rates of taxes and no justification of the same
  • No proper medical facilties, public healthcare, educational institutions provided to taxpayers – extremely poor quality in government facilities
  • Reservations, reservations for every seat – ensuring that the meritous candidates are neglected and rejected everywhere – all just to please specific votebank communties

The list I am sure is endless and all citizens will join me in expanding the same…

Wait a minute, its not over

Corruption: Is defined by me as a lack of ethics. I do not see it as something that is only present in governments today. I see this as something plaguing the entire human world, down to the lowest strata of society…each and every individual.

So, also write down what are we all doing that is corrupt – all of us, citizens of India, you and me:

  • Citizens enjoying the facility of easy bribe with which they get away with all kinds of illegal activities on a daily basis
  • Landlords taking black money as advance before signing rental agreements
  • Landlords taking blackmoney every month (undeclared income) in cash
  • Leading and reputed builders all over Mumbai openly asking for cash (upto or more than 40 percent of the house price, sometimes amounting to 3 or 4 crores of cash in black being demanded for a typical three BHK flat in Bandra, Mumbai)
  • Brokers charging indiscriminately high prices for rent and property sale to up their brokerage and therefore creating a racket that ensures that properly prices go high by 50 percent every year…forever
  • Openly cutting trees and chopping off huge parts of trees in the name of ‘pruning’ – BMC approved because some citizen wanted the tree to not obstruct his or her shop
  • People putting up ‘fronts’ to show their work and conducting illegal activities at the backyard.
  • Pirated DVDs being openly sold at every corner and citizens enjoying this facility
  • Telephone and SMS marketing companies easily purchasing client data from employees of various offices even though they are not authorised to part with this data
  • Poaching of the clients and contacts of friends and colleagues easily through social networking and through mobile networks
  • Employees openly stealing company information and also contacts to build their own independent activities
  • Employees doing part time or parallel independent ork while working for their company (even though it is not allowed)
  • Students betraying the teachers by circulating the teacher’s course materials to other students without permissions
  • CAs, public all bribing tax officers to evade taxes of all kinds instead of finding a legitimate solution to bring taxes down or to rationalise tax structure
  • People regularly lying, faking illnesses and avoiding work
  • Peopel using office property, telephones, etc for personal use without authorisation
  • People taking free houses under slum rehabilition scheme and selling off the same in lakhs and going back to slums
  • People stealing other people’s electicity and water supply specially in slums
  • IIllegal squatting on public land for construction of slums and illegal houses
  • people collecting ‘chanda’ for dahi-handi and ganpati and using it for other purposes
  • young citizens carrying banned drugs to parties and pubs regularly without shame

Oh my goddess…another endless list!!

We are so ashamed of our government, but not ashamed of ourselves!!!

Our government and its policies all are reflections of ourself.

Great sages have always said – ‘aham brahmasmi’ – we carry the universe within. Each one of us.

If we have corruption inside then NO government, no bill, act, law, no Anna or Baba, no-one shall be able to be free us from the demon of corruption.

Always remember that which is within you will keep manifesting around you again and again, in some form or another, unless you remove if from within.

Do you first and foremost want to remove the demon of corruption from WITHIN?

Yes…a feeble yes, or a strong YES!!

Now you are ready to complete the spell.

Burn this list in the black candle and burn the candle off as soon as you can. Dispose all ashes and remains deep into earth.

Congratulations you have exorcised the demon of corruption, for now!

Do not invoke it again.

Shall we all look at ourselves in the mirror and say: we are free of corruption now? I hope you do, I just did…

Let me know if you did this spell and how you felt about it.

Be positive. Stay positive.

Blessed Be!

Lady Astra (Swati Prakash)
@witchyswati on twitter

4 thoughts on “Need a Cure for Corruption? Here is mine…

  1. Swati I wish I were as intelligent and creative as u are. I have suffered at the hands of corruptas I did not get into their shoes. All the same they managed to trap me and paint me black only to get their freedom from their corrupt acts. I have lost all my 36 years repute, social life and got thoroughly harrased at the hands of investigating agency and the judiciary who was blackmailed in my name. I must say even the judge was corrupt eho got blackmailed by the tactics of the corrupt who used the recording against me to their advantage and came out scot free creating a scape goat in me. Anna has come a bit too late for me, but all the same sanity prevails and the stigma goes off me though very late at this stage since I have retired, people have forgotten me and I have forgotten most of what I had known with all my energies and mental capacities always stressed in the thought of getting out blot free. Past 8 years have washed away all my goodness and kindness and assistance I rendered to all and sundry without caring for caste, color or creed.My conscience is the only force which has kept me alive till date.I wish no one goes thru what I have been going through even on date. Even if the blot is taken away now, it will not bring back my glory, it will not serve the purpose fruitful and good work I could have continued to do all these years.

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