A Witch’s Spell by Swati Prakash

Clear your mind and think good thoughts,

Say affirmations, pray a lot,

Practice kindness and compassion,

Live your life with utter passion,

Good intentions guide you through,

And what you believe will come true,

But you will Manifest for sure

When you open up your Psychic Door,

And use the Witch’s Power to,

Deliver what is best for you,

So light a Candle, chant the Words,

Cast the Runes and mix the Herbs,

Brew the Potion with emotion,

Close your eyes and visualise,

Feel the power, free desire,

Earth and Water, Wind and Fire,

Sweep the Broom and wave your Wand,

And manifest the good you want

Thank the Goddess and the God

Learn the secrets of the Craft

For words, thoughts, actions, all work well

But nothing beats a Witch’s Spell

  • Swati Prakash

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