A New Birth: (going from Muggle to Witch)

Your ego believes that you are just the way you are and will always be the same person.
Your ego makes you think you have just this one life to live fully and enjoy.
And you fill up this life with all kinds of things, to satisfy all your desires…
Running the rat race all the time
You fill your days with meetings and appointments, and tasks to do,
You fill your home with things to look at and feel proud of your gadgets…
You do all this everyday…. and sometimes you take a holiday
Once, twice or thrice a year, you will relax
You join a meditation program or yoga class to find some peace
You join clubs, associations, even spiritual ones, to find friends, and possible lovers,
And once a year on your Birthday you cut a cake and call friends over…
That’s celebration!
of the muggle life…

But for a Witch life is different!

To be a Witch is to really LIVE
For you cannot live till you know the meaning of life
You see the purpose, the higher truth
In all things, in all people, and in all of nature
You connect with the sky and the earth
You see the universe as your own expansion
You cast a spell and see your own manifestation
You see that nothing, absolutely nothing is beyond you
You know that you can change and shape-shift into anything you want, you are flexible and mutable
You see how everything is fine tuned into each other
How the universe rearranges itself for you
You make things happen… you really do
When you are a witch you wizen up
You have friends who truly care for you and not just show they do
You know how to use your intuition
You know there is always one kind of decision: the right decision
And you are always in perfect balance
Even when you think you are not
For everything is so meaningful, even your temporary going out of balance has a meaning
Your dreams are meaningful and you know how to interpret them
You can read the future, not just in the cards, or stars, or teacups, but in your own reflection which is everywhere
You see the Divine in everything, especially yourself
You love being alone, you are never tired or bored of your own company
You do not need a lover to complete you
You study the properties of herbs, stones and oils and you know how to use them for the creation of everyday miracles
Even the color of your curtains is wisely chosen, for its potential energetic impact
You are NEVER superstitious, you only believe in that you KNOW to be true and scientific
You know that science is not only things that you know but also things that you are constantly discovering, and spirituality is one of them
You train your third eye, your second sight and your sixth sense as much as you can all the time, for you know that is the way you can observe the hidden realms
You do not rely only on gadgets and machines; you try to use your entire brain
You are really organized, efficient and you have fun doing your work impeccably
You channel the energy of Love and Light
You can guide, heal, inspire and lead
You know how to stay away from trouble and negativity, not only that created by others but that created by yourself
You can banish all evil, especially the ones lurking behind your own shadow of subconscious
You can purify yourself and your intentions
You can create and maintain goodness, first and foremost in your heart
You are a person of integrity and you know that you always have a CHOICE
You make the choice of that which is best for not only you but also for the Universe as a whole
You realize that what is best for the universe as a whole will be best for you
You include plants, animals, the natural elements, sun, moon and stars in your worship as you regard everything in nature as equally worship-able
You have no problem worshipping the universal self as the ‘Goddess’ instead of always referring to it as the ‘God’
You are aware that nature is the true expression of god and you have no shame in being your raw, natural self
You love your body, your mind, your spirit
You see no sin in lovemaking
You smile a lot and you cry too, you explode with anger sometimes, but it is all because you are true to yourself
You do not feel guilty in asking for the universe for what you want, because you know you deserve it
You have self worth, self esteem and self love
You forgive easily and fully, but you do not forget the lesson learnt
You are honest in your dealings; you always settle your accounts
You are original and creative in your ideas and work
You say no when you know you should
You are not desperate for anything, you know that time is your creation,
You know you have infinite births and deaths and rebirths
You are unafraid of anything, death being the least of them
You do not play robot to anyone
You are not a slave to any person, idea or belief system
You are free, as you truly should be
And your birthday is yet another day to celebrate, as you know you are born each day, by the power of your consciousness
You hear the music of the spheres and you feel amazed by the synchronicities of life
Your life is blessed with the awareness of who you are
For you are a Witch and it is indeed a SUPER thing to be!

CONGRATULATIONS on being one, and in case you feel you aren’t one yet, trust me you are not very far!

Blessed Be!
Swati Praksh (Astra Wishkap)

Head Priestess – Earth Healing Temple

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  1. Can u please tell me mam that r fairies real?? N r fairy spells real?
    Waitng for ur answer..thankyou.

    1. There is no one to one course as I am settled in London – there are books for you to read and you can ask questions over email once you go ahead with the exercises. You can find the books on amazon and learn at your own pace – search for swati prakash

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