The Alchemical Gold in Magick and Wicca

As I write this I have just conducted a little Alchemical ritual at the Earth Healing Temple of Global Wicca with a few initiates and guests at Magick and I felt that everyone who attended had some marvelous experiences.

Alchemy as many of you are aware is the mystical quest of transforming base metals to gold (our lower nature to the highest self) with the philosophers stone that can turn lead to gold (actually the wisdom through which the self and any situation can be perfected) and the elixir of life eternal with miraculous healing powers (the true meaning being one of spiritual healing and freedom from karmic cycles of life and death) being popularized by movies and literature.

There are three stages to the Alchemical healing and transformation.

The first one (Nigredo or blackness) is the stage when we release ourselves from the darkness of ignorance, inertia or Tamas.

Darkness is the absence of awareness, not necessarily the absence of light. Human beings have limited physical senses and there may exist several vibrations that we cannot perceive with those five physical senses. Human eye observes only matter because our receptors sense the light that reflects from the material into our eyes. Other species of beings may have different perceptions than us. What appears as darkness to us may actually be something that they can see and they can sense. What we truly need is deeper awareness and more extended sensory perceptions in order to truly make sense of the universe. We also need more understanding and wisdom to apply this awareness and knowledge in the right manner.

When I was associated with the TV show – The Chair that had focused on spirit communication and healing, I was invited to a TV show in which scientific persons argued passionately with me regarding how spirits do not exist because we cannot see them. Truly it is interesting that a being scientific we can lack the understanding that there are millions of vibrations in the universe and the human senses are not attuned to perceiving each and every one of them. Dogs and cats often see many things that most humans may not. Bats and dolphins perceive vibrations that humans are unable to catch. A truly scientific person will actually appreciate this point. There was also a talk of why the spirits could not be captured on camera. If you understand my previous point it naturally follows that ordinary human cameras are designed to capture ordinary vibrations that humans can perceive. Sometimes we get signs in pictures and videos of astral presence, however it is not easy for ordinary cameras to capture the same intentionally. Aura cameras have succeeded in capturing part of the astral energy fields of living beings and this is a remarkable achievement. However the truest and deepest awareness of subtle vibrations can only be felt in your heart and soul, something that a machine may not be able to replicate fully. The first stage in alchemical healing therefore is release ourselves from our limited perceptions and ignorance.

This also helps us be aware of the vibrations we unconsciously carried within us for so long. Feeling, emotions, thought patterns and beliefs that were fear based and false are to be released. These may have escaped our actual awareness because often we get stuck at ‘positive thinking’ and really do not heal ourselves emotionally, astrally and spiritually which may be the requirement. The alchemical change begins with this.

Around nine years ago in 2002 a black cat became my familiar. I had experienced the passing over of my father while continuing my practice of Wicca. The black cat evidently created phenomenal transformations in me healing me of any sense of mourning or loss and restoring my psychic energy, reminding me of the great unknown that I need to discover.

The Nigredo as a stage in alchemical transformation also includes Rajas. That means moving from a state of inaction or lethargy to action. Lack of actions, laziness and procrastination is as important to banish as ignorance. Recently a raven that was no ordinary crow appeared at the doorstep of my Temple at Magick. Still very young he was left there by someone who had tortured the creature and left it outside. The raven healed really fast after medication and energy healing. He found his family and vanished within a few days. Once again I felt deep transformations in the Temple. The entire aura of the temple was cleansed and purified. I felt that the energy and motivation in me amplified while negative energy was repelled from the doorstep of the temple itself very spontaneously. Those who did not want to work and perform their duties out of dullness just couldn’t stay.

I have found that since the beginning of Magick, any kind of negativity just cannot remain for long there in the Earth Healing Temple and even if people get negative thoughts or intentions regarding the temple, or become disinterested or jealous, they are automatically expelled and healed till they can return and rejoin. I rarely have to perform a banishing spell as the energy of the temple at Magick is strong in itself.

The second stage in Alchemical transformation (Albedo or whiteness) is to be reborn as a pure being of light or Sattva. We need to replace the darkness with our magickal awareness. Part of this stems from the fact that all the things and situations around us are the reflections of our inner self. The inner unconscious negativity manifests in the form of outer negative energy. Banishing is truly about releasing all that is negative within us, even if we are fighting demons, defending against black magic or exorcising evil. All the time it is our inner self that is being restored to balance. This balance truly comes about when we become empty of all negative energetic baggage that any person, situation or experience may have generated in us. We are now pure as light. We are filled with positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We forgive all others as every thing and everyone is an aspect of the supreme self who manifested in our life to teach us lessons. We thank everyone who has hurt or betrayed us knowing that it has only helped us learn how to remain a pure being in-spite of their negativity.

We also learn how to attract and manifest only positive vibrations henceforth while being free of the influence of any negative energies, no matter how strong they be. Incidentally my familiar changed to a white cat when I was going through this change two to three years ago in end of 2008 at the time started Magick. I also had a vision of a white owl followed by a peacock in deep meditative dreams about a year before this. A peacock often indicates a stage in alchemical transformation when the white light within us splits into an array of all possible colors indicating our truly infinite nature and the innumerable possibilities existing in our multiple universes or parallel realities. You may gain psychic powers of several kinds. It is truly the nature of ‘maya’ being revealed to you. Of course it is not an end of your quest but only a new beginning.

The third stage of Alchemical healing and transformation (Rubedo or redness/ gold) is when we become one with the golden light that we truly are. In this we are moving beyond Tamas, Rajas or Sattva to be at our highest possible state of consciousness.This is the alchemical gold that has been elusive to so many seekers.

In 2009 when I was traveling I had a deep visionary dream of going underground to a goldmine. There were several people sitting on the cart that had to enter the mine but all of them fell off except me. A voice spoke to me and told me “you are now very very close to the alchemical gold”. The days after that have been totally transformational, professionally, personally and in every way.

I felt this work was not achieved in days or months or even years, perhaps this energy comes from beyond time itself and is present with us always. The gold we seek is truly within each and every one of us. However we get distracted by the outer gold in our environment instead of seeking the inner gold.

I felt practical results of my own deep alchemical transformation largely because all my prayers and wishes since 2004 have largely been centered on being an enlightened person who does good in this universe.

I highly suggest that you pray and cast spells for deeper change within you than to merely seek prosperity, fame or romantic love, or to banish curses and evil on the outside. Those spells will be useful for the beginner in Wicca.

The Global Wicca Tradition is however beyond this. Especially in the third degree of Global Wicca studies. A true mystic knows the value of seeking your own divinity – which is found not in ego, desires or neediness, not just in thinking positive or repelling negative, but in being beyond the positive and the negative which is the ultimate truth, to be absolutely free of all maya or delusion.

When you become nothing you attain everything. Then you realize the play of the universe was just a dream and you remain aware and enlightened at all times, unaffected by the positive or negative, being your truest self always. You do not ‘become’ God or Goddess, you are in permanent awareness that you are. This gold is indeed free of any pollution and always shines on.

If all this sounds glamorous to you, like something you could impress others with or gain fame from, this inner gold will elude you. It is found only by those who free themselves of all these attractions and seek the alchemical gold for the highest purpose contained within your self.

Any initiate who joins the Earth Healing Temple (attaining Clergyhood or Priesthood) is meant to seek this true gold within.

Becoming a Wiccan, or adoption of Wicca as your personal religion is for anyone who is inclined and is freely available through your own study through books websites and other random sources including free membership to the Global Wicca Tradition.

Initiation however is a sacred path only for those who are truly here to serve the goddess and be active in the higher mission of Earth Healing as a serving Clergy in the Temple. Anyone can be a Wiccan but not all need be an Initiate.

It is not necessary to opt for initiation and to take our intense study program if you simply want to be a Wiccan by your religious beliefs.You can just read up on Wicca and the Tradition and freely sign up to associate with the Global Wicca Tradition on

An Initiate is a thoroughly trained and certified Wiccan healer and Priest(ess) of the Temple who works closely for the betterment of the Temple and for completing its sacred mission of Earth Healing.

It was recently observed that several Initiates and students fell out of the temple, being tested time and again for their integrity and commitment. Most Wiccans were wary of dedicating the time and energy for the course. Some wanted but did not even make it till the first lesson, some fell out during the course and some after attaining the first degree or after initiation, because of their false belief that initiation is for their personal gain alone and that they need not give any service to the Temple. I often ask Initiates to reconsider their Clergyhood at anytime they feel their commitment wavering.

The Alchemical gold is not for everyone to find, and The Global Wicca Tradition is for the true seeker and the true mystic who is free of vice or corruption and who becomes a pure channel of Earth Healing Magick.

I wish you many successes in your quest and in your association with the Global Wicca Tradition.

Blessed Be


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