Destiny, Free Will and your Witch Power!

Who creates your destiny?

If not you then who?

When was your destiny written?

If not NOW, then when?

Your future is chosen by you, right NOW!

Anything and everything is possible or probable. Those probabilities that you choose – consciously and subconsciously, create your destiny.

So far people were not very aware of how to consciously create their future.

Ask yourself:

– Are you constantly thinking positive or negative thoughts without any idea of the fact that you are creating your future with them?

– How aware are you of the techniques of how to control your own mind?

– Are you aware of your deep beliefs and notions carried from early childhood and past lives, beleifs that were so strongly set, that you were so far unable to shape or modify them easily?

If yes, then your most probable future has been created very unconsciously by you.

An expert can see or peek into your probable futures based on various tools that connect with your subconscious mind. I call this process ‘energy reading’ and not future reading or prediction, because what we are actually reading is your present energy patterns based on your past conditioning, assuming that you are most likely to manifest the same thing in future as you were so far programmed to manifest.

The accuracy of the reading and therefore the extent to which an expert can peek into your future depends on three things;

a) the experts skills,

b) the extent to which your sub-conscious mind is programmed or conditioned by your past, and

c) your own openness and trust in the process and the reader.

If you are blocked, negative, fearful or un-trusting, it may be difficult for others to help you and you will need more healing to open yourself up.

There is no need to fear a Divination session. Do not say – I don’t wish to see my future, ‘coz what if my reading is a sad one…”

Do not ask, “Will I ever be successful?” or “Will I ever marry?”

Do not worry if you get a reading that is disheartening at first. You have the power to change everything. If you can see it, you can heal it – with the correct guidance and efforts. You are afterall The Creator!

You can heal the patterns of your life. If you make conscious positive choices for your future through spells, affirmations, hypnotherapy, right visualizations and healing techniques, you can alter your energy patterns to change your future or luck. Your energy reading will then be different, as your subconscious mind was reprogrammed as a result of the healing.

The extent to and speed at which a healing session, crystal, herb, spell or any other energy healing technique works for your depends also upon three things:

a) The amount of your negative energy blockage that requires cleansing (negative conditioning to be released)

b) The amount of energy or focus held in the spell, crystal, healing session or therapy that you take

c) Openness and trust in recieving this healing, knowing that you are indeed manifesting the change you seek

If you are blocked and keep thinking – “Will it work?”, “When will it work?”, How will it work”, “Let us see if it works…” you are creating hurdles by not truly trusting yourself.

The powers to look into our future (that we are manifesting so far) lie dormant in all of us until we start using them consciously. Meditation and third-eye exercises help develop the ESP or extended sensory perceptions that are used in future gazing. A trance like state is utilized to connect with alternate future or past by astral travel into the past or alternate futures or through clairvoyant vision or intuitive sensations. You need the right psychic training and practice in Divination and Psychic Skills. You also need training in Energy Healing Skills that should comprise use of healing tools and basic spells and then you can graduate to learning advanced healing spells, from incantations to magickal potions, and from talismans to sympathetic magick.

Open your eyes and your mind to knowng who you are – not a mere puppet in the hands of destiny, but the creator of your destiny, and take charge of your life NOW!

A good witch is an expert healer in addition to an expert ‘seer’.

This witch power is withing you NOW, waiting to be unleashed!

Blessed Be!

Swati Prakash

7 thoughts on “Destiny, Free Will and your Witch Power!

  1. Mam,
    You said “If you are blocked and keep thinking – “Will it work?”, “When will it work?”, How will it work”, “Let us see if it works…” you are creating hurdles by not truly trusting yourself.”
    But what if in past we had such experiences which are forcing us to ask such questions to ourselves ?
    People say “We must learn from our past experiences”.
    What should one do in such a case ?
    Please do respond

    1. sure: we must learn from our past experience: and the lesson always is to release ourselves from the blockages of the past and to move ahead with a more positive attitude, knowing that w manifest whatever we vibrate with 🙂

  2. Hey Swati ,

    Well .. I am a strong believer in positive thinking …n everyday i show gratitude for all the things ,people , situations in my life … i have read the book .. the secret …which is quite famous now all over the world now … n have tried visualization … 4 how i want a certain part of my life to be .. but something seems to not be working … n i do get doubts too ..which i try to let go by listenin to my fav music … doing sumthing which i like … but to no avail …i feel lost … i want to get a job of my choice n enjoy my work … but i do not seem to be getting into anything i like … n i m confused …

  3. Hello di…
    myself dimpi,and i am a great fan of yours,i truely believe in positive and negative energies.I have seen your show ‘the chair’ it was ausum,you did a fabulous job.I want to learn healing seriously,it will be my pleasure if you will teach me…thanx and i love you.

  4. Hello mam,
    i really afraid of healing,spirits and all that.It seems advantures and exiting but also horrable i dont want to play with these kind of things.

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