Parallel Life Healing

The Truth about Past Life Healing or Parallel Life Healing by Swati Prakash – Spiritual Healer

Note: Instead of using the term Past Life Healing I prefer Parallel Life Healing, as past and future are all not linearly arranged but a part of NOW. We can right now travel to any place or time in the past or future in the NOW state as beings of unlimited free will, and we can heal anything, at anytime in this state.

Reincarnation: Reality not Superstition

We all are energy or spirit beings that assume various forms and exist across several lifetimes. This awareness of our true energetic or spiritual nature is now spreading among smart, intellectually strong individuals in the modern world. In the ancient times awareness of spiritual subjects was high. In medieval times or dark ages ancient spirituality was falsely denounced as ‘superstition’, while certain medieval religions ruled and medieval laws dictated what people should believe or not believe. In modern times science has now started catching up fast with the ancient wisdom in its attempt to discover the true nature of reality, e.g. scientific discovery of interrelationship of matter and energy. As science so far uses only five senses to observe the world, it is limited in its capacity to know the true nature of reality. Wise folks are aware that the universe cannot be understood by five limited senses alone and we need to activate our inner senses or psychic power to experience life fully. Thankfully people in most nations are now more free to have their own beliefs based on their personal experiences which is a healthy thing. Past life healing or parallel life healing is emerging as a strong therapeutic intervention followed by the well read, wise and intelligent public.

Types of Past Lives or Future Lives / Parallel Lives

Our spirit is of infinite nature and there are unlimited permutations and combination that compose our existence. We can therefore assume any imaginable form, in any time-period, taking any gender, any specie, based in any culture, religion, profession and so on. Our spirit chooses our physical reality based on what our soul wishes to learn. We can have various lifetimes in which we are different individuals, ranging from serial killer to saint. Some healers believe that our past lives or future lives are only human ones. In my tradition of Global Wicca we maintain that our spirit is infinite and can totally choose any state of being in past or future, human, animal, plant or otherwise. We can choose complex states of being and complex lifetimes to learn more difficult lessons or simpler ones to experience a natural life. We can even be magical beings and have fairy tale like alternate lives on earth, on a different planet or a different parallel world or dimension.

Why Experience and Heal our Parallel Lives:

We all have dreams, hopes and ambitions. Our life is a creation of our inner feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires (positive energy) that gets sometimes weakened by our fears and self-limiting beliefs (negative energy). Our outer or material world is a creation of our inner world or energy state (karma). Negative energy blocks us from attaining our wishes. To release our negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions, not just those that we are consciously aware of but also our subconscious ones, is totally necessary if we are to be happy, successful and content individuals. Our sub-conscious negativity comes from our past including our past lives and therefore need to heal past lives. For instance if you desire to be rich but are unable to attain riches. It may be that in your past life you lost your loved due to a battle over wealth and thus you started holding on to a fear of wealth lest you should lose love again. Your self-limiting belief is therefore that love and money cannot be together in your life. You need to therefore open your mind and know that it is possible for you to have a lovely family in which wealth is abundant too. You need to know that your negative subconscious fears of wealth are only due to negative past life experiences and such experiences need not be a part of your life now as you can consciously create your life from now on. I try to show people how they created a negative past based on their negative beliefs by explaining how beliefs are energy and energy creates reality. I would then guide a person to visualize a happy future full of both love and money and give energy to that through a future progression and spells session so that the person manifests this in future. This way negative emotions and beliefs are transformed into positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs and therefore positive effects are experienced in future.

Ways to Experience Alternate Lifetimes:

We all are different in the way we remember or experience our inner world. Many of us are very visual and can see things clearly with our eyes shut, just like a dream. In-fact sometimes even a vision of past or future seen with eyes open. This is called Clairvoyance or clear vision. Some of us are Clairempaths, so we feel emotions of the past or future as if its being experienced now. This is why several people cry or laugh during sessions. Some of us are Clairaudient and hear the past or future, sounds, words, messages and so on. We can also be Clair-sentient and feel our body sensations and movements in our past or future as if it is happening now. Clairalliance (clear smelling) and Clairgustance (clear tasting) are other ways we experience parallel lives. Often we experience parallel lifetimes in multiple ways through multiple senses.

Past Life Regression and Other Ways of Knowing your Past Lives or Parallel Realities:

In a past life regression or future life progression session you can be under hypnotic or meditative trance with the help of an experienced therapist. Past lives can also be seen in your dreams. There are other ways of knowing your past lives too. For example a psychic healer can visit your past or future lives and give you this information. Astrology, tarot cards, crystal gazing, meditation can all be used by a psychic to help understand your past life and possible futures. This is an indirect way but is helpful in case a person is not able to go into a trance due to inner blocks or intuitive blocks. It is also useful as a initial discussion to understand the subject better before attempting regression. Also some people do not wish to directly experience past lives themselves but are only looking for advice and solutions that a trusted psychic healer provides.

How Safe is it to go into your Past or Future Lives:

You travel into your past and future lifetimes ‘astrally’ through your inner senses. Your inner self is always in control of this journey. The healer or therapist is guiding you into a meditative state helping you go back and forth in your astral journey. Your astral body or energetic self is always connected to your physical body and will always return to it just the way we experience dreams and wake up too. It is perfectly safe.

Past Life Memory versus Past Life Healing:

Past Life Healing is not only about remembering these lifetimes. It is also about releasing negative conditioning, fears, limitations and blocks that were based on negative past life experiences, and opening ourselves to our true infinite potential. A good past life therapist will not only help you experience your past lives but also help release negative emotions and blocks through energy healing techniques such as Reiki, hypnotherapy, affirmations, meditations and spells. It is good to have multiple spiritual healing skills to be a good therapist as a therapists job is not just to send you into the past and bring you back but also to create deep and lasting transformations.

Imagination versus Reality:

In the process of past life healing you are put into a trance like state, a state of altered consciousness where our intuition becomes active and hidden aspects of your subconscious come to your consciousness. In this state you are not likely to actively make things up, but rather to receive information from your deeper self. Therefore you must trust the visions, feelings and sensations you receive in this deeper state as messages from your inner self and not just mere fantasy created by the outer mind. The deeper part of yourself deserve your attention and the experiences you have in the trance like meditative state are always meaningful and to be taken seriously. Another thing to realize is that imagination reflects and creates reality. There are several parallel realities in which all things ever imagined and that will ever be imagined exist for real. If you right now imagine yourself as a mermaid, you are likely to be a mermaid in a parallel reality somewhere in the past or future lifetime. Therefore even if you get a vision which appears too crazy to be true, ask yourself why you are limiting your perceptions of truth. After all the universe is really infinite and fact is even stranger than fiction. Absolutely anything in the universe is possible. Therefore do not judge yourself during a past life session and merely go with the flow trusting your inner self and intuition. Know that everything is possible and you can heal the negative patterns of the past and transform them into positive energy that helps you manifest itself in miraculous ways by deeply trusting your inner self.

Time frame to Heal:

Parallel life healing is a deep therapeutic process and can often take several sessions of an hour or so each. It is best to take this is a regular therapy and not as a one time quick fix solution. One must not expect that in one small session you can see, experience, heal everything at one go. Newbies may take more than one session to simply learn how to relax and go into a trance. Once that is achieved you may go into your past or childhood of present lifetime and slowly condition yourself to go into past lives. It may take several sessions to fully experience one lifetime and add on healing sessions to heal the patterns and blocks deeply. We usually have multiple blocks and may need to go through several lifetimes until all blocks are released. We have accumulated these negative blocks over centuries of past life experiences, so it is alright to go through several sessions to clear at least some of them. This is a deep work towards self realization. It is best to work with your healer regularly with full dedication until all your fears and blocks are released and this can take years too. For example I witnessed my past lives over several years in my meditations until I attained full realization. Buddha was known to have seen hundreds of his own lives before attaining super-consciousness and all this power is within you now.
Suggested Healing Sessions:

Healing modalities conducted by Swati Prakash, renowned spiritual healer, comprise the following:

  1. Divination (astro, numero, tarot readings to discover your energetic patterns including past lives)

  2. Past Life Regression and Healing (hypnotherapy, Reiki and other energy healing systems are used to release negative energy patterns of past)

  3. Future progression, Wiccan Healing Spells and rituals for strong transformations to manifest positive future
    Suggested Courses:

Several spiritual courses are conducted by Swati Prakash, head of Global Wicca Tradition including:

  1. Energy healing skills (meditation, affirmations, three degrees of Reiki, aura and chakra healing skills, basic spells through thought forms, wand-working and parallel life healing through time and space)

  2. Advance Past Life and Karmic Healing Skills course

Syllabus available.

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