Oh My Goddess!

Goddess Bless You All!

I want to tell you that I am so thankful to the Goddess today.

After all who we all are is all thanks to the Goddess and Her mercy.

It is in the Goddess that I trust.

The Goddess in whose hands I place my universe and whose love makes the world go round.

The Goddess that I turn to in my every breath for inspiration, guidance and support…

The Goddess within me and the Goddess within you.

I want to share with you that this Goddess is in every person whom I know…and in every place and thing.

Every particle or wave is Her expression, everything Her creation, every situation tells Her story.

She is both the creator and the destroyer…destruction being just a word for Transformation…for she is Energy and it is never destroyed…it only changes form …through the power of Consciousness that is also Her.

The consciousness that is my Higher Self is the Goddess in full bloom, awake and powerful.

The energy of my lower self is also the Goddess, unaware and incubating… awaiting stimulation.

And that there is a separate Goddess and God is an illusion. The Goddess is both the God and the Goddess…the absolute and the infinite, the Spirit and the Love that is Everything.

The Goddess is every bit real, in flesh and blood.

The Goddess is every bit ethereal, in Spirit and soul.

The Goddess is powerful. She is unlimited of infinite forms.

She is not just your mother, but also your wife, your daughter, your sister, your girlfriend, your ex who left you, your current flame…

She is also the absolutely, astonishingly hot woman you fantasize about, and she is totally and utterly respectable nevertheless…

I see Her as a naked woman on the cover of a global magazine, proud of her feminine self, unafraid of her nudity, unafraid of Herself…

I see Her as a child playing in the garden…

As an artist painting a story…

As a poet writing a sonnet of love….

As a ghost lost in between two worlds, and as an angel helping souls in transition…

As a sinner and a saint.

She is both duality and its transcendence.

You know you have recognized Her when you see her in the eyes of the one who hurts you the most.

In the eyes of the one who loves you, its of course easier to see Her.

You know you have Her within you in the times of your greatest losses and defeat.

She says – “Follow Me!”

You surrender to Her… There is nothing else left to do.

When you know there is no more to desire you have attained Her.

For she is desire itself….

Unashamed, free of guilt, absolutely passionate and wild.

Oh My Goddess!

Did I just hurt the sentiments of those who believe you should be shown as a woman in a long white saree, as a holy mother or as a saintly virgin who gives birth immaculately?

Yet I am unafraid… for you are who you are, and I am proud of you just the way you are…independent, fearless and charismatic, sexy and stylish, you have the right to be who you want.

At the same time you are indeed also the gentle virgin who gives birth immaculately… for there is no limit to what you can be!

You are Choice and choice-less awareness…

You are life itself…ever changing, full of possibility.

You are You who are reading this..

And Yes Yes Yes…You are Me!


By the Goddess Blessed Be

High Priestess Rev. Swati Prakash

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