Psychic Self Defense

Psychic Power:
Every thought, emotion, desire or action is Karma. Each of these has a
vibration of its own. Every vibration has an effect, every action has a reaction.

We may not realize it but every thought, dream or feeling that we project knowingly or unknowingly has an effect in the world and creates our future. This means we all carry a lot of psychic power within us.
Psychic power comes with a responsibility too. We are all
interconnected in the matrix of life and whatever we project comes
back us sooner or later to teach us the lesson of love and compassion.
Psychic Awareness:
Not everyone who has psychic power has been aware of their power. Many times we have sent anger, envy, hate towards others without even realizing that it is having a potential to harm others and us (if something could harms another it harms us as well).

We may have said – “Go to hell” or “get Lost” for example in a fit of anger and it is a negative energy that returns to the sender. When you were talking negatively to someone or yourself about life, the world, any happenings, relationships, etc…it was also creating negative energy for the listener and yourself. We all are to constantly work on modifying such behaviors and adopting a more affirmative life.

Psychic Attack:

There are also people who have been aware of their psychic power and know how to send highly focused vibrations. They may not have been doing this in a responsible way and may harm others intentionally thereby harming themselves too (if not sooner than later and with interest – the harm sent comes back multiple times to the sender until they learn the lesson).

This is what happens in a psychic attack. Some people who suffered from lack of full knowledge and were ignorant of the importance of magickal ethics were low on the responsibility part and used their third-eye or psychic power wrongly.
Psychic Responsibility:
We all are responsible to think pleasant thoughts and feel positive
emotions, to desire good things and to indulge in ethical behavior and
actions – towards ourselves and others. This is psychic responsibility
and people who had sent psychic attacks or negative vibrations to
themselves or others knowingly or unknowingly may have been less spiritually aware of the law of karma and about psychic responsibility due to lack of inner wisdom and absence of proper magickal and spiritual training and guidance.

Thankfully cutting edge magickal training and spiritual guidance is now available and is being accessed by many so we are becoming both psychically and spiritually aware of our psychic responsibility and ethics and people are learning how to be more positive and loving.
The Wiccan Rede:
“Harm None Do as You Will” is a beautiful code of ethics that is
followed by many today as Wicca gains prominence as a religion and a
coherent spiritual system for enlightened masters.

How to Know if you are under a Psychic Attack

  • You may have felt irritable, angry or unhappy without reason and prone to say or do something that harms you, your relationships or your life
  • You may have found object breaking eg. glass, crystals, photoframes, etc, especially things that were significant to you
  • You may have suddenly fallen ill without known cause
  • You may have found that bad luck chased you suddenly, eg: you became accident prone, stumbled more, ran into losses or trouble for seemingly no specific reason
  • More severe symptoms have sometimes been observed
  • In case the person’s mind was possessed by the negative attachment or energy, the individual may have refused to accept healing or be in a state of denial as well
  • You may have recieved visions, intuitions and dreams that indicated psychic attack.
  • Basically you may not have been the direct cause of these but a victim of a psychic attack.
  • The best way to confirm is through divination (eg tarot cards) through the help of a reputed psychic expert.

Who is Vulnerable
All that happens to us is a result of our inner world, Our subconscious beliefs, thoughts, emotions and desires become real. Even a psychic attack is somehow linked to your fears and insecurities as the universe is within us.

All of us have a little vulnerable child within who is innocent and needs to feel safe and this also makes us vulnerable. Even if we are powerful spiritual masters we need to constantly amplify our positive energy and keep ourselves strong.

Magick is not a one time thing but a constant way of life.

Some new age experts talk a lot about creating positive energy without giving due focus on cleansing, repelling and transforming negative. Its like wearing fresh clothes and perfume without taking a bath. Banishing negative is equally important.

How to Prevent and Handle a Psychic Attack

  • Psychic shielding:

This works best if you have learn energy healing
methods. Just visualize a shield around you in the beginning of the
day and at night before sleeping and again whenever you need it
through the day or night. This can be a sphere of blue or white light
in its simplest form.

  • Crystals: Hematite is known to shield you psychially. Wear or carry
    hematite in the form of ring or pendant for example. It can also
    absorb a strong psychic attack and break thereby warning you and
    protecting you else the energy may have hurt your life instead.
    Tiger’s eye is a good reflective crystal and good against negative
    energies. So is cat’s eye. Tourmaline is absorbent and helps protect
    you to an extent. Other crystals are garnet, amethyst, sugilite (a
    powerful crystal related to Archangel Michael).

– Herbs: Sage, Angelica, Hyssop, Witches grass, Rue, Sulfur, and many
others can be used in spells, potions, oils and herb form.

– Talismans,yantras and amulets: The pentacle and the star of David are popular talismans for protection. There are several others too
from various cultures that are magically powerful. The evil eye from
turkish culture is one way of preventing jealous energies.

– Angels, gods and goddesses: Being in touch with your higher self
that can take the form of angels, gods and goddesses is a good idea.

– Meditation, Spells, Magickal skills, Energy Healing and Grounding:
Meditative techniques, spells, magick and energy skills are a
must-learn for all of us and should be taught since childhood. Spells
are some of the more powerful ways to prevent, repel and reverse
psychic harm. Grounding for example is a way of releasing negativity
and converting it to positive energy. There are candle burning spells
and rituals and several other advanced methods that need to be learned
or followed under professional guidance.
A Case Study of a Psychic Attack:

I have been using Hematite rings for quite some time now and havefound they usually do not break unless they absorb negative energy . Last year for a small period of time they broke continuously though I kept replacing them. It was brilliant that some of them broke spontaneously
without any externally visible force.I also used tiger’s eye in angel and pendant form to provide additional protection and these too broke almost immediately – an indication of a strong psychic attack.When we start working with energy things become even more clear to us.

I performed a divination and also recieved psychic messages of who the attacker was and found that there were more than one. It is important that we do not return a psychic attack with an attack. Harm in return of harm can only spoil things further. I focused on sending healing vibrations to myself and others.

I found the reason for this was the emotional insecurity of
the senders of this psychic attack whose negative belief systems were
creating this type of energy for me and a friend of mine.

I also did chakra-meditations and spells to heal the negative and
convert it to positive, for example a binding spell to prevent the
person who is trying to harm you from harming you further.
I also performed a spell to reverse the negative effects of the attack
from my past.

If the person who attacked you tries this again as I found out in this
case we need to give further healing. Recently I found that this
individual once again tried to send a psychic attack to me creating
ripples of confusion and misunderstanding between me and a significant
other for which I had to perform a ritual cord cutting and banishing.
It is necessary to cut the cords between you and the attacker so that
the same scenario can be prevented in future and to send blessings and
healing to all concerned including the sender of the psychic attack so
we all become more positive and less prone to negativity.

Thankfully I know many spells to repel and reverse negative energy but it is great to be warned clearly and I am glad that I have the knowledge and skills to identify negative energy and heal the same.

I focused on forgiving myself, the attacker and all others who played a role in this situation. It is not necessary for us to carry the pain and suffering in our heart no matter what others may have done. It is up-to us to release the pain from ourselves and forgive so that we can move on further, detached from the negativity. This does not make what they did right. This only means we stop hurting now and release the unwanted energy and emotions.

I also send love and compassion to myself and others including
the one who intends me harm as I believe that people who are happy and loved do not harm others. We all need and deserve love and happiness, and happy people do not hurt themselves or others. I focus on creating happiness and focus on sending love to myself and others.

When I find myself becoming bitter and insensitive I try to realize the same as soon as possible and to cancel out these negative effects through healings and spells and by looking within me for answers.

Note: All techniques mentioned are advanced methods to be learned or attempted under the right guidance of an established expert
Most Important Advise

Do not go looking for negativity and do not make it a habit to obsess over psychic attacks and so called black magic or dark arts constantly. There are some people who have been blaming all their life problems on black magic and psychic attack instead of meditating and discovering how they attracted this to them in the first place. A Psychic Attack may be in some way or another your own negative karma coming back your way.

If these things exist they are only indicators of our own inner vulnerabilities and weaknesses that they expose bare open. When something like this happens try to address the inner weakness and vulnerability that they represent within you. Always remember – The Universe is Within and each thing we observe and experience, each person, place or situation, is only an aspect of our self that needs love, healing and positive transformation.

If the person who attaked you tries this again as I found out in this
case we need to give further healing. Recently I found that this
individual once again tried to send a psychic attack to me creating
ripples of confusion and misunderstanding between me and a significant
other for which I had to perform a ritual cord cutting and banishing.
It is necessary to cut the cords between you and the attacker so that
the same scenario can be prevented in future and to send blessings and
healing to all concerned including the sender of the psychic attack so
we all become more positive and less prone to negativity.

Note: All techniques mentioned are advanced methods that must be
attempted under the right guidance of an expert.

Know Thyself, Heal Thyself
Blessed Be
Rev. Swati Prakash

12 thoughts on “Psychic Self Defense

  1. Dear Swati Prakashji,

    I read this article several times and found it really interesting and also very educative.

    U have given some reasons abt the psychic attacks but would like to know more like i was suffering from some sort of psychological disorders or muliple personality orders i suppose, suffered hysteria many times, hallucinations,i can feel the energy where ever i go ..negative or positve,if its negative i feel cold n some vibrations happen in my body,dont know whether iam born with it or something is wrong.

    What are the planets/nakshatras and dasa for these types of attacks and what are the remedies as have been studying n researching such topics a lot to know more about it so that i can get cured and also can help the needy who have been suffering from the same.


    1. Dear Aaron,
      Psychic attacks may or may not be linked with the psychological symptoms that you mentioned, as ‘psychic’ and ‘psychological’ are two different things. Psychic attrack refers to the situation when you have absorbed negative energy sent by another person who intended to harm you. If you believe the symptoms you are experienceing are linked with a psychic attack I suggest you take some spiritual therapy for the same. Whether or not the cause of your symptoms is psychic/ spiritual in nature…it is necesary that you carry on your psychological therapies with the help of conventional medicine too as you have been affected on a psychological level by what you described. Do go in for a psychic consultation if you need one. Thanks!

  2. hey swati hie… myself dimpi,i am your big fan,i realy appriciates your work,even i too want to become ”healing expert”i watch your show every sunday-the chair,i also want to participate but i cant.will you plz help me to become a healing expert?i need your help and suggessions,i am waiting……………

  3. Dear swatiji,
    i watch ur programme the chair.i have evil spirit problem from last 3 years.i feeling stuck in illusion.i feel the air in my body.i know its evil,when i ask the evil what is ur name?she said i am with.i was feel vindictiveness,many people said the evil power exist in ur home.when the power came in my body that time i heard sexual persuasion word.n i am feeling impotent also.but i am not accept that because this situation imposing on me.the evil always said when i talk with that,u all family leave from here.i know this is black magic.but i don’t know how i liberate from that.i also go in jesus time the power came till my neck but she also gone in my body.i don’t know what i do?

    1. you need to exorcise this negative energy from yourself. You can get hold of the right spells and herbs, prayers and healign techniques if you seek therapy.

  4. Dear swatiji,
    i watch the programme.i have evil spirit problem by 3 years.i feel air wandering in my body.i stuck in illusion.i want to come out of this.when the power entered in my body. i heard some words that is #uck me’.n after some day.i feel stuck in bad thoughts,like dirtier.i am feeling impotent which i can’t said to any body.but i am not accepting because this thought imposing on me.more people said the power is exist in ur home.when talk with spirit,she said i am witch n i want to stay here,n u all family leave from here.i know its black magic.i want liberate from this,pls tell me what i do?

    1. Dear Prabodhan,
      Its good that you are aware of this problem. As you know through the show The Chair we try to help release the spirit but more importantly the fear and blocks that the perception of this energy was causing you so far. Always remember the real power is within you and no matter what is there on the outside it is our inner self that we need to keep in balance. The outer world can be negative in material way or the evil spirits that we find there. Truly the outer world is illusory and is shaped by our inner self. Just heal yourself and your inner fears or guilt. Your comment indicates an inner guilt that needs to be healed. Also if someone has done black magic it is in your power to neutralize its effects and to bring your life back to normal. Solutions will come up soon. You can always go for a consultation and healing therapy anytime.

  5. Hello Swati,

    I have read that “negative thoughts” attract “negative thoughts” while

    “positive thoughts” other “positive thoughts”.

    Hence , if we regularly send “positive thoughts” e.g thoughts of wishing happiness & good health to others…. it means we can protect ourself from “negative thoughts” .

    Please share your views.


    1. Very true…like attracts like. Banishing negative thoughts is as important as manifesting positive thoughts. However,we have to be empty first and to release all unwanted energies we may be subconsciously carrying and that is why it is not just thought but also emotions and astral vibrations that require cleansing and transformation….sometimes we get fixed on the oversimplified ‘think positive thoughts’ attitude and miss out on the benefits of deeper spiritual work

  6. Hi Swati,
    I am already suffering from the disturbances of negative energy and irritated like anything. I am surrounded by a foul smell irrespective of whether i am in office or home or anywhere else.
    Read your blog and got thought that i may get some solution here.

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