Why be Part of a Wiccan Tradition and Temple

Many of you are already familiar with Wicca: A modern nature based religion of magick.

A Wiccan Tradition is a structure through which more focus is added to your Wiccan practice as a religion/ shared spiritual system.

A lot of Wiccans especially those who are new into it practice solitary or as loosely gathered groups, often leading to more unfocused energy than an organized tradition or temple can provide. However Wiccan temples and traditions are not always accessible to the public.

Even when these are not everyone prefers to learn in a structured way or to keep the energy chain flowing through an organized tradition. What we need to understand is the difference being a part of a tradition and temple can make to us if we choose to be a part of it. In a tradition there is a specific philosophy, leadership, code of ethics and a shared understanding of what and how we practice as a community of Wiccans.

A tradition can have one or more temple. In a Wiccan temple there are rituals and rites conducted as service often within the initiated priesthood but also sometimes open to public especially on festive occasions such as sabbats and esbats. A temple is a finely run organization with priests and priestesses and headed by a high priest/ess who looks after the functioning of the temple.

As the public is often allowed to be a part of the sacred ceremonies along with initiates a lot of energy is transferred to the member of public who is granted access to the temple. An energy exchange in the form of membership dues or ritual fees is often required to help facilitate the same so that the participant gets maximum benefit of the spiritual service consumed by him or her. Often the fees for such public ritual service is kept to a minimum as compared to a one-to-one and personalized ritual or spell-casting performed by an expert.

If the temple receives adequate donations or has a good source of funding the rituals can be made even more affordable for the masses but as Wicca is a fairly new religion this process may take some time. An energy exchange may be required to keep the temple functioning well, to reward the priesthood who conducts the services and to cover for the ritual supplies as well so that the temple can continue to provide continued service, expand itself and serve the society in a meaningful way.

What is the Earth Healing Temple: A place where magick happens and rituals are held – this place is within our heart as we come together and cast our circle for any temple ritual. This is a Wiccan temple – our prayers are our spells and invocations. We worship the Earth goddess and all facets of divine from all sources across the globe – the Wiccan Way. We call upon the elements of nature and astral entities that are positive in every aspect to help us raise and purify our energies so that we release the negative blocks and bring in more positive situations in our life. We also perform rituals to heal the earth.

I urge you all to also read the blog post on how to join the Earth Healing Temple on the Global Wicca Tradition’s ning network (Join Us) and lend us your support and participation so that we can keep up our good work. With all you support we will be able to unite more and more people and expand our tradition in every direction. Consider joining our tradition’s inner circle to have a more active role to play in it as a priest/ess. Any comments, feedback or discussions are welcome.

Blessed Be


Rev. Swati Prakash

Head Priestess – Earth Healing Temple

Founder – Global Wicca Tradition

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  2. Morning, It’s nice to stumble upon a good blog like this one. Do you care if I used some of your information, and I’ll leave a link back to your website?

  3. Hi, I really dint knew anything about this before , i saw u on tv show, i heartily appreciate your work giving a relieve to dead ones which use to consider Karma problem cant be resolved ever & ever have to suffer even after u dead, but i truly admire & appreciate your work & efforts. Hope to meet you in life for sure so, i at-least once again can talk to my Dead Papa, with your help and probably can get my answer which i m waiting for more than 12yrs , why dint he shared anything with me what was his problem. I want to tell him i am all alone & love him alot. Thanks Swati pls. keep up the good work forever.

    great day ahead

    1. I am sure your father is here to help you achieve inner peace and you can heal and help as well as communicate with him now through your intuition, your inner self, your dreams and the messages in your heart and soul.

  4. Hi swati i really need ur help i live in london do u work in london also can u please email me ur number or ur email id so that we can discuss further thanx ANu

  5. Hi swati just got to know about you through a magzaine.I have been wanting to learn about the magical wands ,spells for a long time.in fact i met you once when i came to your shop in bombay but maybe my time had not come.I am from Goa and want to get in touch with you where i could share with you.I am a healer,hypnotherapist and a tarot reader.i NEED YOUR GUIDANCE. love shruti

  6. hi sawti ma’am….i read this book called brida of sir paulo coelho…it was about wiccan tradition….he wrote about tradition of moon and sun….are they different frm each other……and also i be a wiccan or i have to be 18 to join the school

  7. Hello.. 🙂 I have seen you many times on TV.. I wanna thank you soo much for introducing me to Wicca..!! And I Want To Visit The Temple Also.. Bt Its So Very Far Away.. 🙁

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