Birthday of a Witch!

We have heard his stories, of all the miracles and wonders that he brought into the world, His healing powers, prophetic abilities and magical skills are well known.

Jesus Christ seems to have been an extremely good witch, a magickal human who had tremendous wisdom and consciousness. If those tales are true it seems that he used his power of consciousness to create a change, to awaken the masses, to see the future,  and to show and lead by example. 

Legend says that he was sacrificed…and it is also known that so many alleged witches have been framed and murdered through time for being courageous, self driven, focused…why… just because they chose their own beliefs and used their own inner spiritual powers instead of going as per the dictates of others?

Following the path of Christ is about following the inner self. Instead of merely worshiping and remembering such great masters we must try to be like them, to learn the ways of the healers, to be enlightened, to work with the angels and unseen beings of nature, to prophecise and see the future, to perform divination and magick, to create a more positive state of being for ourselves, facilitating that for others, creating more beauty, peace and joy in this world, to be in balance, to maintain the balance of nature…Then we will truly be in the energy of God(dess).

We may celebrate his birthday today in many ways but it will be incomplete if we did nothing to invoke our inner light as that is what God(ess) is truly all about. 

Whether we attend a sacred ceremony, meditate, perform a spell, spend time in nature, or simply be in the energy of truth, we must know that the light of the world is being born within us in this very moment… as we spend some time with our-Self discovering the magick within us all.

Blessed Be


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  1. Merry Meet !
    Hello, Swati ! .. I’m Sneha. I’m 13 years old !! Its my dream to become a Witch ! So i hope you would help me in making my dream come true !! … i’m still waiting for your call! Hope you send me the book you suggested me ..!!
    thanks ..!! hope you would reply soon !

    Blessed Be !

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