Nature, Earth, Simplicity and a Prophecy for 2012

Each year I conduct a small earth healing ritual on the Samhain Full moon (Samhain is the pagan new year starting 1 Nov). I try to channel what the goddess dictates through me based on what she feels is required by our earth. In this way it is my hope we can return to earth some of the infinite love energy she pours into us each moment. In my experience the goddess responds to our every request made with sincerity and affection as long as it is for the greater good.

Earth has its own way of healing itself and as humans we are not really doing any favor to earth by healing it, but are just ensuring our own survival as earth brings itself back into balance. We all talk of 2012 and we know the time is near that we should prepare ourselves for self-destruction that will be a natural result of the karma we have reaped by destroying the rest of nature…. unless we change something now…Go back to our roots, to being simple natural people, the way we were at first…one with nature and in harmony with this planet.

Before the advent of any man-made religion or belief system was nature and it is the most visible, the most obvious sign that we can see of the presence of divinity on this earth. All nature is the manifest body of the God(dess) who is the soul of nature. While we have made several religious systems to worship the invisible soul of the God(dess) we have forgotten to honour her manifest form as nature, as our own self. Our religions reject our natural self while imposing complicated dos and don’ts, senseless moral codes that do nothing to create more happiness and joy in the universe. In truth all we need is to be happier people and that can be possible if we let go of needless complications and embrace our true, wild spirit.

All my life and all the spiritual realisations that I have obtained boil down to just this one essence…being simple, being natural, being true to our real self.

With this has come the realisation of the tremendous power we have to change our reality, not just our personal, but global and universal as well.

I am often asked to prophecise something for 2012. Being a Witch and also a Weather Witch who works with nature closely and having tried my hand at weather magick successfully several times to alter natural calamities…I can assure you that if all of us visualise a positive, peaceful and harmonious earth, a happy coexistance of humankind with the rest of nature, and give energy to this vision…it will be real and 2012 will be one the most peaceful and blessed year ever. So I am making this prophecy now in the form of a spell that came to me right now in the form of poetry.

Complications are history

All I have is simplicity

There is no higher reality

Than the one in my own vicinity

Truly life is to be lived in peace

There is no need of any dis-ease

We can channel true love infinitely

To fill our world with positivity

Is there a need to seek another

When we already have each other

Let go of the illusion of multiplicity

Who we are is One – singular – unity

Let us live in harmony with nature

Just like every other earth’s creature

And shed the mask of insanity

That divides all else from humanity

Fresh air, pure waters, green trees

Is all that we need to be pleased

This is the greatest prosperity

For this moment and until eternity

I choose right NOW this possibility

As I will so Mote it Be!

Let us pray for this global shift in consciousness…or rather work the spell together that takes us back to being with our simple, natural self …as One!

For those of you who attended the Wiccan earth healing ritual this Samhain full moon… Thank you! Do remember to plant your energised crystals into earth. It is the least we can return to our mother who gives so much to us. And the rest of you…..please be there with me in 2010. Join as a member on my sites and we will work some more magick together.

May we all Blessed Be

Love and Light


Swati Prakash

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