Freedom…a Wiccan’s point of view

I have been hearing so much about freedom lately (Independence day discussions on 15th August) that I decided last night to ask the universe to expand my awareness of what this word could really mean.

I asked myself…. if you were to be totally on your own, away from the responsibilities of the world would that be freedom? If you switched off your phone and cut off fromt the world, then would you be a ‘free bird’? If you went on a vacation or drank and dozed off for the night…will that be freedom. If you ended a relationship that is difficult to handle, then would you be truly independent and free…. Perhaps not!

True freedom lies in being free from within. We have all heard of this I am sure… but its just like saying something out of a book. What does this actually mean to me and you? Free from what…and free of what?

If you are free from everything else but not from your own self limiting beliefs and patterns… that state of being can hardly be called freedom.

If you are free of temporary cares and troubles but not truly peaceful and in touch with you inner power to heal and tranform these troubles… that can hardly be called freedom.

True freedom is in knowing ourselves and being true to ourselves. The truth is that we are constantly creating what we call our destiny. We are always free to choose what we create. That’s why we say freedom is within and this choice is always within you and me.

How can we be true to ourselves? And just WHO are we after-all?

As for me, I am a Witch. The typical image of a witch flying on a broomstick is often taken offensively by a lot of Wiccans but to me it has always been a symbol of being liberated and free. Especially the ones with an old crone flying on the handle. Within each of us is this old and wise soul who knows everything and is waiting to be recognised. It is this wise one within us that has the keys to true freedom and liberation.

To me this came through the Wiccan path so let me elaborate upon the concept of freedom as a Wiccan.

As per Wiccan, as well as Vedic and most of the ancient philosophical belief system, the universe is composed of five key elements – Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. Much of what we know and experience can be explained through this elemental system. Simplification according to some…maybe…and why not ….after all Truth is always simple…misconstructions of truth are rather complicated.

Air: This is the element that rules over or represents our thoughts. We are always free to choose our thoughts. That sounds fairly easy, but there is a small catch…We may not always be aware of what we are thinking at all times. Many of our conscious and subconscious daydreams and fantasies are taken too lightly by us inspite of the fact that over time they collect energy and manifest into real events and situations. Every thought that ever springs into our mind has the potential to manifest into reality to some extent or another. While focused thoughts can turn into manifest reality sooner and much more prominently, unfocused ones may take more time. That’s not all. Sometimes we consciously think pleasant thoughts but somewhere inside we feel negative, skeptical or fearful about the same issue and this cancels out and dilutes the manifestation of the positive thought we had sent out. Therefore in order to be totally free in mind we need to be aware of our outer and inner mind both. Each time a negative thought presents itself to me I try to be aware of ‘what am I thinking’ and try to heal and replace it with a positive one instead. I have my dark moments too…but the good thing is you will eventually come out of it sooner or later – this is my Freedom of Thought

Fire: This is the element of our desires and wants. Some spiritualists may opine that true freedom is a total freedom from desires. ‘Desires when not fulfilled lead to sadness and this is the cause of all suffering,’ they say. This is almost like escaping reality and being listless boring people. In my view true freedom is not about negating desires completely but by choosing to focus on those desires that are beneficial and useful withharm to none (another excellent topic to ponder about). Desires are different from thought. There is more energy in them because we feel it running in every cell and tissue of our body. Whatever we are more passionate about has a greater chance of manifesting than something we don’t really care for. For instance, many of us imagine magic to be some way in which we can make objects fly in air but for most of the witches such a skill is hardly something they would really care too much to develop. They would rather focus on real needs, issues and wants of their life, and where they need healing is where their fire will be – Freedom of Desire

Water: This is the element of emotions and most of us are so full of it. Our bodies are composed of plenty of water therefore it is only natural for us to be emotional beings. We may ignore, hide or repress our emotions but that does not mean we do not have them. True emotional freedom is not about blocking emotions but about expressing them and enjoying them. Some of you would say, can we enjoy dark emotions too…the sorrowful, pitiful, hateful ones…? Your choice! But then do not complain if sorrowful and pitiful situaitons keep on developing in your life. Each emotion is tremendously powerful and manifests into reality sooner than we think. If we become sensitive to our emotions, and intuition is a very good way to begin, we will find that it will be a lot easier for us to identify negative or blocked emotions and therefore heal them and replace them with positive and loving ones. We can choose to be in a loving vibrational state. True emotional freedom is about being in love and allowing it to flow freely through you. This Love is a choice we can make at any moment, and this Love is what we are Free to Feel.

Earth: This is the element of practical, sensible wisdom. This is the way we organise and integrate our experiences, thoughts, desires and emotions into meaningful patterns. Spells are all about this. A methodical approach that combines the air of clear thoughts and intentions with fire, water and earth works best – you may choose symbolic representations of your intention – crystals, images, oils, anything you can sense and percieve with your senses that can make your intentions turn into somethng more real and believable to yourself. This way you will make manifestation much more effective than through simple visualisations or affirmations or mere positive thinking. Wisdom is an important ingredients and the more of it in your spells the better. This usually takes study, training and practice to develop. After all being a witch or wiz is all about being wise and that is the real Freedom to Be.

Spirit: This is the element that is the source of all that is. Usually the imperceivable part of us that is unconscious of itself, but can be made conscious through the right practices. Afterall there is a spell for everything, even spiritual growth. The higher our spiritual vibrations the better our thought, desire, feeling or spell will manifest. We must constantly work on our spiritual growht and awareness if we are to be truly wise beings and really free people. Freedom of spirit is the most important of all. This is our basic essence made manifest in full bloom. We must be aware that we are not just our present body, mind and experiences but much beyond that…souls with several lifetimes of experiences, soul groups with a continnum of souls within it and the divine itself with all the patterns and possibilities that exist in the entire universe – all this is our true nature and reality. This is our Freedom and true liberation. Know thyself!

So that was my higher self talking to me. I hope you enjoyed our conversation. More later…

Blessed Be

(*) Swati Prakash

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  1. I am a Wiccan and I agree with all of this. I may only be a 13 year old boy but hey, i stick up for myself

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