Thank you!

I spent one night in a dark cage, without the sight of sun or spring

I made believe that it was real…the wicked world, the sorry things

I saw the shadows that I feared and they began to fade away

The pain and sorrow brought me tears and washed the night into a day

And in the light I was revealed, I saw myself with open eyes

I broke the cage of sad dismay, prepared my little wings to fly

I knew the dark night wasn’t real, it was a test of memory

So that, this, my forgotten self, is again remembered and revealed

It doesn’t matter what the world and people said or did to me

I will remember all I felt, its all a part of being free

I thank the night that brought me tears and choose to honour all the pain

For because of it I learnt to fly and be all that I was, again

I am the same and always will remain a free and happy soul

In perfect love and perfect trust I cherish myself being whole

(*) Swati Prakash

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