What is Magick?

What is Magick but your life,

its the discovery of your wings, the joy of your being and the lightness of your heart…

Magick is the person within you who is as pure as a child,

as powerful as a goddess and as natural as nature itself.

Magick is always within … the Spirit, Love and Light

You can see it in the dawn of the day and in the moonrays that shine upon you to reveal your truest self

You are already a magickal powerful person

always conscious, always incharge, always aware,

as wise as a witch and as kind as an angel…

Magick begins when you be yourself,

not what you think you are but who you truly are

Blessed Be

(*) Swati Prakash

One thought on “What is Magick?

  1. Its true Swati. Look around and you will find beauty and abundance everywhere. One just needs to really open ones eyes. Children believe and are not judgemental but unfortunately the adult need “LOGIC” to explain everything!
    Heaven is right here, beauty is all around so lets enjoy that and the abundance of life.

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